5 Perfect “Riverdale” Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and so is Riverdale season 3! Celebrate the holiday and the return of the show with these 5 Riverdale costumes that are guaranteed to make you the winner of the costume contest. You can watch how the looks are put together here.


Keep it cool and angsty as Jughead Jones. Layer up with a tee, flannel and, of course, leather jacket. Pair that with some jeans, throw on a beanie and you’re good to trick or treat and/or reveal your small town’s secrets.

Dress-up as Riverdale’s queen bee for Halloween this year. Go with a red dress for the base of your outfit and build out from there with some glamorous accessories. Signature attitude and one-liners not included.

Go for the classic Betty Cooper look with a pastel sweater, converse and a pair of jeans. Don’t forget to pull your hair back into an extra tight pony!

Archie Andrews is sure to be a popular costume this year. Throw on a Riverdale letterman jacket and you’ll be ready to scheme and save the town all night long.

Go as the ultimate Riverdale vixen, Veronica Lodge. Grab your best pearls and a colored shirt, and don’t forget those heels. You’ll be breaking hearts in no time.

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