Rustic Pirate Lady Costume

If you think pirates are only meant for men, you are definitely wrong. History has proven that there were actually four lady pirates. Yes, they have been sailing the high sea and brave the storm throughout the journey. The four tough lady pirates are Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Flora Burn and Rachel Wall. Lady, this Halloween dress in Rustic Pirate Lady Costume. It will be fun and adventure to be in this fancy outfit.

Ever wonder why female pirates are rare? The life of a pirate on a ship is very harsh. It is hot, sweaty and the living conditions is far from a holiday cruise. You might be eating seafood but it is not in a cool and nice setting of a high class restaurant.

Now, Halloween is a time when anything is possible halloween costume maker . Piracy is not dominated by men anymore. When you are invited to a pirate themed party, all ladies can been dressed in rustic pirate outfits. It will be fun and great day as this is the time to let down your hair and be playful. From the early years, pirate costumes have been very popular among many parents and children. Costume manufacturers noticed this trend and have jumped to the demand with more creative, elaborate costumes.

Almost all men, ladies, girls and boys associated Halloween party with pirate costumes. It is really fun for the couple to dress up as pirates. You can paint your face, wear an eye patch and a hat. It will be fun to the man and lady to wear rustic pirate costumes together. Halloween sure can bring all the family members closer together.

How about organizing a pirate themed party for Halloween? It is easy and you can get many pirate accessories online. Get ready your table and chairs. Buy napkins, plates, cups, fake white skull with crossbones on them, pirate flags and more. Remember to order food for the young such as candy corn and cupcakes. I bet the adults will like to hold a bottle of rum just like a pirate.

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