Total Beauty With FreshLook One Day Color Contacts


FreshLook One Day is color contact lenses that use a unique technology to look identical to natural eye color. Manufactured by Ciba Vision, people who are using Focus Dailies, need not have a refit. The lenses are very comfortable and convenient and can be thrown away at night. They can change the color of the eye or accentuate the natural color.

The colors available are blue, pure hazel, green and grey. The new technology has a three in one color blend that gives a fresh and natural look. They are available without prescription lenses so they can be worn by anyone to look good for a party or special occasion. Since they are disposable after one day, there is no hassle of lens care, and the wearer gets the comfort of a new lens every day.

These lenses are a good option for people with allergies. Since they are only worn for one day, the possibility of pollen, dust and air pollutants building up on the lens is minimal. There is very little handling and no cleaning or storing.

FreshLook One Day contacts are also a good option for anyone considering changing their hair color. To look more natural, it is good to have an eye color that harmonizes with the hair color. For those who change their hair color regularly, they can also change their eye color regularly without storing lenses over long periods.

Even for people who don’t change their hair color, these lenses give them a chance to have beautiful eyes. The hair may look great, but the eye color is uninspiring. Now, the eyes can enhance the whole appearance.

FreshLook contacts are more comfortable than other color lenses because of the size of the diameter. The 13.8 diameter is smaller than other color contacts and makes these lenses easier to wear without drying the eyes. Unless there is another reason for dry eyes, these contact lenses help avoid dryness because they are worn for only a few hours. The eye usually stays moist until the lens is discarded at the end of the day.

The water content in the lenses is the key to moisture. They are made with 31 per cent Polymer Nelfilcon A and 69 per cent water. This huge water content keeps the lenses moist all day whether at the beach or in front of a computer. Nelfilcon A ensures that the fit is consistent and comfortable all day.


The colors that are created by the new technology are considered some of the best in the color contact market. There is often the option of giving them a trial before purchasing. After wearing the various colors, it will become obvious which is the right color. There may be more than one.

Color contact lenses used to be expensive to manufacture, and the cost was passed to the customer. Because of this, they needed to last a long time. Today, these lenses are inexpensive to make, and the benefit is passed to the consumer. They can be disposed of after one wearing, because the cost is affordable.

The quality of the lens has improved greatly over the last 15 years. Not only the material used for manufacture, but also the design. Previously, color lenses looked artificial and didn’t enhance the appearance much, but today, the lenses look completely natural. When this advantage is added to the convenience of daily color contacts with no nightly cleaning and storing, it makes them very attractive.

They come in blister packs of 10 lenses in a box, so everyday a new, sterile pair can be selected. This is perfect for changing the eye color occasionally and not on a regular basis. It also makes it easy to change to several different colors according to the time of day and apparel.

The natural eye color, comfort and convenience make these contact lenses attractive for anyone looking for a way to brighten up their appearance.

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