17 Punny Halloween Costumes You Should Totally Try This Year


What happens when you mix basketball players with donuts? Dunkin’ Donuts!
Sport your favorite basketball team’s jersey under this giant donut costume and you’ll be scorin’ three-pointers in no time in the next punny Halloween costume contest. But if Dunkin’ really does change its name to this, everyone’s funny Halloween costumes would sadly be obsolete.

Holy guacamole
Just add a pair of angel wings behind this avocado costume, or wear a halo and you’ll be the most blessed fruit the town has ever seen. Get everyone together this Halloween with these costumes that are great for the whole family.

The Grape Depression
Even punny Halloween costumes can be a little more sad than funny. Draw sad faces on a few of the grapes on this fruity costume, and frown all night long to bring the grape depression to life. You can tell everyone you’re so sad because you just found out grapes can’t become ice cream (well, unless it’s made in small batches).


These very supportive ceiling fans
Nothing says punny Halloween costumes like something that requires the bare minimum effort. Throw on this “ceiling fan” T-shirt and see how many people you can get cheering for the ceilings!


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