Month: January 2021

Great Valentine’s Gift Idea For Him

Great Valentine’s Gift Idea For Him

Gifting your partner a gift is a way to show your love for him, but there is a high chance that you will find it difficult to choose the ideal gift for him. There are several types of products to choose from. Your partner might 

Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Brighter

Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Brighter

With stress laden lives, those dark circles ought to be there, so take care of yourself and conceal them using the makeup until you get rid of them. Use a concealer one shade darker than your skin tone and buff your eyes with that. This 

What Nail Polish Colors Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day

What Nail Polish Colors Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s day, your partner would love to take you on a romantic date, holding your precious hands. What can make a woman’s hands look more attractive than a bright-coloured nail polish?

So, let us tell you some attractive nail polish colours that match the sizzling romantic vibe of Valentine’s day.

1. Lakme True Wear Nail Colour – Shade D415

This classy shade of nail enamel is all you need for your nails this valentines day! Adding to being extremely long lasting due to its colour lock technology, the Lakme true wear nail colour – shade D415 is chip resistant too. This allows the nail paint to stay unblemished on application. This nail paint not only coats smoothly but also gives a good luster to your nails, making it appear shiny & ceramic like with a bold & attractive shade!

2. Miss Rose Matte Long Stay Pink Nail Paint – Shade 143399194

Pink it up this Valentine’s day with Miss Rose matte long stay nail paints which are a perfect shade of pink & most catchy to the eyes. What can be more beautiful than a nail paint which gives an acrylic look in a shade of chick pink! Not to miss that the miss rose matte long stay nail paint comes free of glitters but is the most long lasting once applied to your nails. A double coat is recommended for the most smooth and everlasting effect on your nails.

3. OPI Nail Polish Scotland Collection, Nail lacquer – Red Shade

A red shade is a primary suggestion for Valentine’s day, as red is the colour of love. So flaunt your red nails to show your love! With a single stroke covering the tips & edges of your nails, the OPI nail polish Scotland collection leaves behind a chip free coat on your nails. Two cotes of the nail lacquer & your nails will shine like glass & brings a glow to your skin & stands out highlighting your outfit too!

4. Faces Canada Nail Enamel – Tinted Red 52

 A tinted red, although not as bright as the bright red shade, is a shiny deep shade of red making your nails unavoidably glamorous along with the feature of matching with any outfit you wear. The Faces Canada nail enamel is long lasting and comes with a shiny appearance too. The tinted red is perfect for all skin tones & outfits, making your nails irrevocably noticeable.

5. Elle 18 Nail Pops Nail Polish – 128

Hot pinkish nails and a classy look are all that you need to grab all attention this Valentine’s day. The shade 128 of Elle 18 Nail pops nail polish is one such shade that covers all your requirements with a single stroke on your nails.  It not only dries instantaneously but also lasts extremely long giving the most prominent colour & a gleaming appearance in just a single stroke!

All you need for this Valentine’s day is to flaunt your gorgeous nails by applying the most vivid shade of nail paints. Let your nails define your love for the partner. Make sure to choose the best nail enamel from this list, which gives a long lasting effect and a sassy appearance for the special day.

Hexinfashion Best Shapewear for Tummy and Thighs

Hexinfashion Best Shapewear for Tummy and Thighs

You will agree with me say every woman wishes, she could be slimmer, have a flat tummy, and never had those loose cellulite thighs. But this is all-natural and real. So, we need to have a good solution for them rather than thinking and worrying 

How to Style Over the White Tee in Spring

How to Style Over the White Tee in Spring

With spring nearly there, a white shirt is a must have. A lighter tone of T-shirt when paired with a lighter tone of trousers, along with a black handbag, you will slay the look. The hoops in the picture can be replaced with silver not 

Best Shapellx Waist Trainer to Pick, According to the Reviews

Best Shapellx Waist Trainer to Pick, According to the Reviews

Are the body shapers good? It is possible to wear them all over the day without any discomfort? If you think these products will feel discomfort and are not buying them only for that reason, then it’s time to try the Shapellx products. Shapellx products are quite comfortable and easy to use. On the other hand, it can entirely conceal the real body and offer you a perfectly slim look. As you will wear this beneath your clothes, it will remain completely discreet. The best shapewear for tummy offered by Shapellx is made of high-quality material and keeps you comfortable. Now, have a look at some best products that you can buy.  

Workout fitness zipper and buckle waist trainer

This sexy under-bust waist trainer for women is designed to bring your body back to perfect shape, and you will get the super sexy curve.  Combine this with your diet and exercise routine, and you can enjoy faster weight loss. There are 4 sections of eye and hook closure. It has 7 steel bones, and the product will not affect your movement while doing workouts for better support. If you are suffering from lower back pain, try out this waist trainer to get relief.  The waist trainer can protect, tighten, and strengthen the core muscle of the abdomen.

Print waist trainer

Want to witness inches disappear from your waistline? With this waist trainer, you can make it possible. The product is well-designed to slim, shape, and control the silhouette by producing desired compression and perspiration levels. The best thing is that it comes with a unique African flower print. On the other hand, it has a double belt design to better control the waist and abdomen. Besides, for better support, there are seven steel bones. If you have an hourglass figure, this will fit perfectly.

Sports vest with double belts

This graceful latex-made double-belt vest body shaper is designed to properly stimulate the body’s natural thermal activity in the core. This, in turn, will boost up the perspiration level, and your body will remove the toxins. Thanks to the latex material that helps in losing weight and sculpturing the waist. The zipper locking system will create a tight-feet around the waist and compress the abdominal section. The sticker straps are adjustable. Try it now to witness the difference.

Workout camouflage waist trainer

This camouflage waist trainer boosts your body’s natural thermal activity level and increases the sweating stimulation process. As a result, you will enjoy a faster belly fat burning process to reduce and shape the abdomen and waist area. There are sevens steel bones in this product to offer better support. The belts are adjustable, and you can set the compression level based on your comfort. It is designed to produce a high-level of compressing effect to lower the size by around 3 inches instantly.

best waist trainer for women weight loss
NeoSweat™ Workout Camouflage Waist Trainer
Ultra-sweat fitness belt

This belt is developed to enhance your workout by helping in increasing the thermogenic activity and sweating process.  This is made of neoprene material and feels quite comfortable. With the unique embossed design, it feels super soft against your skin. To offer strong waist shaping and posture correction results, it has 10 steel bones. On the other hand, a double waistband will offer enhanced binding products. Go for it now.

double belts waist trainer
NeoSweat™ Ultra Sweat Fitness Belt
High-waist tummy control crotchless belly shorts

This product is made of breathable fabric to keep you in maximum comfort till you are using it. Besides, it works excellent in removing fat from the thigh, waist, and belly part. The elastic band is very durable and produces strong compression. It perfectly controls your thigh, waist, hip, and back. Besides, you will also enjoy a natural butt-lifting effect with this. With the add-hook and eye closure locking system, you will find it comfortable to use.

high waist shaping shorts
AirSlim™ High Waist Tummy Control Crotchless Belly Shorts
Full coverage firm control bodysuit with thigh slimmer

This is a perfect postpartum recovery body shaper that will create a super smooth silhouette with all the parts held precisely where they should be. The breast part is made of elastic material to get fit in any size. The 3-row hooks closure design is adjustable to attain better control.

full body shaper
AirSlim™ Full Coverage Firm Control Bodysuit with Thigh Slimmer
High waist firm control shaper panty

The product comes with an eye and hooks closure system to facilitate comfort wear. There are spandex and nylon fabric. You will feel comfortable to use it. As it has a thong design, it will perfectly match with all your slim-fit clothing. So, what are you waiting for?  Visit Shapellx now and buy it at the best price.

shaper panty
AirSlim™ High Waist Firm Control Shaper Panty

These are some of the few examples of available products that you can buy from Shapellx. The platform has more to offer, and you can check out all the products and their prices at Visit the site now and place your order.