Big Power Outfit Ideas for the Bold & Bossy
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Big Power Outfit Ideas for the Bold & Bossy

Power dressing is a term that came out in the USA in the late ’70s. That was the time of economic boom when women became the key players in the men-dominated workforce and political world. Women took up high position roles which was a huge achievement but they were not seen as equal to men.

The reason for this was because women lack masculinity so to solve this problem, they turned to fashion.  Women began to dress up to copy the masculine energy to penetrate the corporate and political world. Women dressed up in suits, jackets, and pants that were adapted from men’s clothing to make them look more poised. It was believed that doing so would earn them respect and authority. So this is how power dressing, a new trend began for women.

Power outfits can indeed boost confidence and they make women feel like they can take anything that comes their way. Today’s power dressing is focused on being authentic and embracing individuality. Therefore, a modern woman’s wardrobe reflects her strength, determination, grace, and resilience. If you want some tips on how to piece together a commanding power outfit, do scroll on.

Get yourself a blazer

There is something about a woman wearing a blazer that is well-tailored. A blazer is a wardrobe staple that is sharp and commanding. This is an attire that can level up any outfit.

Experiment with colors 

Power dressing doesn’t mean that you should stay away from colors. Well, a neutral outfit from head to toe is a good choice if you want to play it safe but experimenting with vibrant colors can make your personality shine.

There is nothing like some mood-boosting colors that will make a statement when you step into the room.  Talk about dopamine dressing.

Be comfortable with a loose fit  

The modern power dressing is all about comfortable silhouette and shape. You can have your outfit loose to exude a nonchalant or effortless vibe.

Monochromatic moment

Whenever you are in doubt, it is best to stick to one color. By sticking to one shade, your look can have a sense of cohesion and streamline. Not into bold colors? Don’t worry because jewel tones are great for creating an impact.

Invest in quality outfits 

Clothes that are of lower quality, sewn badly or have a wrong fit will make you feel uncomfortable. You may end of fidgeting because you are worried about how you look and this would take the attention away from you and your work. Therefore, choose pieces that are high quality and timeless.

Always stay well-groomed

Do make it a point to be well-groomed. Power dressing is all about exuding a fearless attitude. Always keep your hair neat and tidy. Don’t forget to put on some make-up to help you feel and look confident. 

Power Dressing Outfit Ideas

Want to incorporate power dressing into your daily wardrobe rotation? Let’s check out these classic outfit ideas that can take you to the office and beyond.

Grey Jacket With Black Skirt

Loose Fit Pant Suit

Tan blazer with white vest and black pants

White Button Down Shirt And Black Skirt