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C2E2 ‘Novice’ discovers the heart and soul of pop culture gatherings

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All dressed up, go with the perfect place!

After putting on my “Wonder Woman” costume and renting it from the Chicago costume manufacturer company earlier this week, I was ready to experience my first Chicago comic and entertainment fair (C2E2).

C2E2 is a consumer-driven conference, a mecca for comics, pop culture, image fiction, role-play, anime, comics, video games, toys, movies, and television held annually at McCormick Place. According to organizers, last year – 80,000 people participated, many from all parts of the country.

When I arrived on Friday’s opening day, no instructions were required. If you get lost, just follow the “Thunder” or “Black Panther” and you will know that you are moving in the right direction. The number of costumes (role-playing) is impressive and impressive.

Everyone has something – all inspiration comes from some form of pop culture – stalls selling jewelry, comic books, vintage and rare toys, clothing and games. At Artist Lane, fans have the opportunity to meet their favorite illustrator, painter or writer. Artists behind the artist, both prominent and small, are sitting behind the table, ready to meet and talk with fans or provide custom drawings.

Another part is full of old-fashioned tube TVs running old-fashioned video games, old games, I have enough hands and eyes to play in coordination. This is not the only sale nostalgia. Suddenly, I want to buy a cool, modern “My Pony” print! (Later, I was told that this came from a new restart program called “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.”) Love Cat Garfield with Lasagne! I eagerly want a super-sized “Totoro”. But this is what the supplier says “display only.”

I saw a group of adult female “Pokemons” who spent thousands of dollars for complex 3D printing. This is just one example of the time, money and effort that some role-players spend on the wardrobe.

For the first time using this game, there will be a lot of damage, make any opponent blush. I was confused by “Dr. Strange” for “Doctor Who” and “Assassin’s Creed” for “The Matrix”. For the annoyance of my photographer Eliza Davidson, I didn’t know “Sailor Moon” and couldn’t distinguish “Jade Ji”, “Naruto” or “Dragon Ball.”

However, there are some victories! I do acknowledge the players of “Star Wars” and “games of power”! In addition, I know “Wolverine” in “X-Men!” I met many “Wonder Woman” – all versions!

The most incredible impression is how friendly all players are to each other. I saw with my own eyes that the compliments conveyed courtesy inquiries about costume manufacturer, which led to friendly conversations between strangers.

Among the role-players there is a clear sense of pride and closeness to joy. Talk about something unusual! People actually want to talk about and answer my questions. Many people talk about the joy they bring to them because children are deeply in awe of what they look like “real”!

There are a lot of cell phones that take photos and selfies, but most of the people I see are people who build real connections. Role-players go beyond age, gender and race, and all those illusions about nerds or geeks. It is a wonderful feeling that the rumors and buzz of people who can be the foundation of thousands of common passions are the starting platforms for dialogue.

What I mean by this is that I’m Wonder Woman, but… I can see that without superhero eyes, real, face-to-face relationships at any level are a good thing in today’s world.

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