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Feelingirldress Provides A Variety of Styles of Plus Size Women’s Clothing

Every woman wants to dress beautifully. In the United States, Too are both popular blogs that specialize in instructing overweight people on how to dress. They are very popular.

But the reality is cruel. Even if a blog teaches you how to dress, you have nowhere to buy these clothes. Feelingirldress offers you many options of cheap wholesale plus size clothing, easily help you solving your problem.

Women’s clothing can now be divided into many categories according to different styles. But for women who weigh more than the standard bodyweight. These mainstream women’s clothing sizes are relatively small. The characteristic of plus-size women’s clothing is that people with an overweight body can wear them, they look thin, natural, and beautiful.

For fat people, the desire to lose weight is very urgent. In addition to losing weight, clothing matching is also very important for fat people. Do you know the matching skills of those fat people?

Choose loose clothes to modify the legs

If you are a pear-shaped girl with a plump lower body and want to modify the lines of her legs, I would highly recommend the longer version of the umbrella skirt! Umbrella-shaped skirts can modify the curve of the lower body, and can also cover the legs that make you feel unconfident. If you choose a radial umbrella skirt for the lower body, the upper body should be matched with a more close-fitting or a short top. Come to plus size dresses wholesale event hold by Feelingdress.

Speaking of modifying the lower body curve, wide pants are also one of the essential good partners for overweight girls! Especially if you choose wide pants with a high waist design, you can not only cover the flesh, but also show the length of the legs. It is recommended that wide pants can be matched with shoes that will expose the instep, which can extend the lines of the legs, which will look more refreshing and neat Oh! In addition, when choosing more radial clothes for the lower body like this, there is a little trick to share with fleshy girls, that is, you can choose a style with a design on the waist, such as a high waist with a belt or a bow, which is for overweight girls. Said very friendly design!

Appropriately expose the shoulder and neck lines

If you are with broad shoulders, don’t wrap your shoulders and necks tightly. Instead, you canexpose them appropriately to make the shoulders and neck lines look slender!

If you wear clothes with a high collar and close to the clavicle line, the shoulder width will be overemphasized, so it is recommended to choose clothes with a loose neckline. Of course, the V-neck top is a good choice, and it can also modify the face shape~

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