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Get yourself another beautiful lipstick

Lipsticks are essential for every woman. Different lipsticks colors can show personality and fit your different styles of clothing. When you are going to choose a lipstick, you need to know what to select.

On the first look, the thing which is noticeable on your face is your lip colour, i.e. your lipstick. The darker the lip shade, the more attraction and appreciation it receives. In fact, don’t you think that a lip without lipstick is similar to a cake without frosting?

Well, everything needs a change in your life and so does your lipstick. Now it’s time to get yourself another beautiful lipstick from different brands to enhance your beauty. This guide lists the top 5 lipstick brands that you need to look at right now!

  1. Rouge allure velvet extreme from CHANEL:- It is a next-generation long-lasting, non-drying matte lipstick. It sticks to your lips for a really long period, and has an intense and rich colour. Giving you a super soft velvety matte finish, this lip shade is all you will ever need. This lipstick has a matte texture that adds to your beauty and makes you look fascinating. You can never go wrong with CHANEL matte lipstick!

2. Rouge 999 Dior:- This is the Dior refillable lipstick with four couture finishes. Available in satin, matte, metallic and new velvet, all these textures of this lipstick are beautiful. It is made using natural flower extract, and there exists 75 bold color variants of this lipstick. You can choose one as per your preferences. This lipstick makes your lips appear bolder and more luminous. Also, it will provide long-lasting comfort to your lips. The red shade is simply a cherry on the cake as you can never go wrong with RED lips!

3. Crushed Shine Jelly Stick:- It is a swipe and goes lipstick from BOBBI BROWN which is infused with Hyaluronic acid and fruit oil. Not only will this jelly stick give a shine to your lips, but It will also help moisturize your lips and provide a smooth and craveable texture. Isn’t it the best when your lipsticks work as a moisturizer too?

4. Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick:- Superstay Maybelline lipsticks have never failed to impress the ladies. This product from Maybelline gives you a long-lasting matte finish up to 16 hours. This lipstick has a shade for every occasion. The best part is that it is waterproof, thereby staying and sticking all day on your lips no matter how much you bite, sip, or kiss!

5. M.A.C frosted firework/ Bauble Burst ornament velvet teddy:- This one is from M.A.C (Makeup Art Cosmetics), which is yet another reputed brand in the makeup industry. This most iconic mini-sized lipstick will give you the ultimate spotlight. It will help you shine throughout the party and make the event memorable.

To each of the ladies out there, It’s time to add more sparkle to your looks with lipsticks from these famous brands and ace that dreamy look in parties, marriages, colleges or wherever you want! Lipsticks cannot solve all your problems, but it’s a good start. ISlay your day with these superstay, ultra shine, and extreme matte lipsticks.

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