How Ryan Reynolds’ Mom Helps Him Squeeze Into His Deadpool Costume

Playing a superhero on the big screen may look like an easy gig, but there can certainly be some drawbacks. Lucky for us, Ryan Reynolds is not afraid to share them.

Crime fighters like Reynolds’ Deadpool character wear incredibly tight costumes, and as he revealed to E! News’ Sibley Scoles, his mom is his good luck charm when it comes to slipping in the suit with ease.

Sitting down with the cast of Deadpool 2 at Comic-Con 2018, Reynolds said he no longer deals with uncomfortable chaffing while filming in his famous red costume. As the actor described, “It’s a very specific system. It’s a homemade recipe my mom came up with. She lives in Vancouver so she can come over and get it on me before we shoot.”

Reynolds joked that every single one of his co-stars also uses Tammy Reynolds’ secret remedy, adding, “She did the whole cast actually before we came out here.”

(Mama Reynolds actually joined her famous son at the annual convention in San Diego, so it’s possible she lent a helping hand to the other actors in the Marvel flick.)

And when asked what Ryan’s proud mom thinks of his potty mouth, he responded, “Am I allowed to cuss in front of my mom? She’s heard it all. I’m the youngest of four boys.”

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