How to Choose the Right Compression Level of Shapewear
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How to Choose the Right Compression Level of Shapewear

Shapewear has become essential for many women because it helps them achieve a smooth body. However, there are different levels of compression. So, it can be difficult to find the right one.

Do not be afraid! We hope this guide helps you find the best shapewear for your wants and comfort level. In addition, we will be sharing the some of the best slimming bodysuits from Feelingirl!

The Overview of Compression Levels

There are different levels of compression are available in shapewear, from soft smoothing to firm shaping. The most popular types are broken down below:

· Light Compression

Light compression is great for regular wear and for people who are new to shapewear. It fits like a soft hug and smooths out lumps and bumps without being too tight. Light compression shapewear is great for making your natural shape look better under dresses that fit closely or in everyday clothes.

· Medium Compression

This amount shapes and supports certain areas more precisely, like the back, thighs, and stomach. For important events or when you want to look more toned, this is a good pick. If you like a tighter fit but still want your clothes to breathe, choose medium compression.

· Strong Compression

This level gives you the most power and shaping. It’s great for special events where you want to look dramatically different or for support after surgery. Important: Firm compression underwear can be very tight, so it’s important to get the right size and only wear it for short periods of time to avoid pain. There are seamless body shaper available at Feelingirl with this level of compression, so shopping will be easier.

· Extra Firm Compression

This level is usually only used for medical reasons or certain body shaping needs while under the supervision of a medical professional. Since it’s extremely tight, you won’t find it comfortable for regular use.

How to Choose the Right Level of Compression

After knowing different compression levels, you have to know how to make the right choice. So, keep the following points in mind!

  • Your Level of Comfort: Irrespective of which shapewear you choose, it shouldn’t restrict your movement or impact the breathability. For this reason, it’s better to start with low compression.
  • The Occasion: Light to medium compression is best for normal wear. If you want a more dramatic look for a special event, think about medium to hard compression.
  • Body Type: The right shapewear should look good on your body type. If your body is curvy, medium compression with specific shaping panels can help you look better. Women with pear-shaped bodies can go for high-waisted pants. In fact, you can find many options a Feelingirl according to your body type.
  • Results You Want: Do you want a light smoothing effect or a more noticeable change in shape? Answering this basic question will make your choice easier.
  • Clothing Style: Shapewear comes in many styles, such as shorts, control tops, bodysuits, and underwear. There are different amounts of shape and compression in each style. When picking a style, think about what you’re wearing and how much power you want from a slimming bodysuit.
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So, if you are ready to shop for the shapewear, Feelingirl has a lot of options available for you.