Junior costume bands set tone for Labor Day

The junior costume “Jump Up” presentation on Saturday, Sept. 1, was splendiferous. The children brought much merriment and a kaleidoscope of colorful costumes to the streets of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, massing in grand style.

Children from as young as two years old were decked out in elaborate costumes, towering headpieces, and dazzling accessories, that brought to life the theme of their bands.

The kiddies and juniors set the stage for the 51st Labor Day Carnival on Eastern Parkway. Band after band accompanied by recorded carnival music mesmerized parade-goers. The children represented various Caribbean countries, as they jumped and waved flags to Machel Montano hits. The little ones being pushed in strollers also represented their culture in fine style.

The parade kicked off with scores of costume bands, before moving along Franklin Avenue, then on to President Street, en-route to the Brooklyn Museum grounds, putting on quite a display for hundreds of spectators who lined the route. Parents were seen encouraging their children to dance, and prance to the infectious music.

Bands such “Colors of Africa,” “Sugar Candy Kids,” “Thru My Magical Gardens,” and many, many, more showcased the beauty and enchanting elements of the Caribbean. The amazing costumes were whimsical and intricately designed.

From the king and queen pulling hefty individual pieces, to the expansive sections, the juniors truly represented their culture for yet another year. It was a spectacle to behold.

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