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The Most Beautiful and Breezy Summer Dresses

The Most Beautiful and Breezy Summer Dresses

Summertime is the perfect time to break out the light and airy dresses. While many people might think that these types of dresses are only meant for special occasions, that’s actually not the case at all. In fact, there are a number of different ways 

Top5 Sunscreens Make You Better in The Summer

Top5 Sunscreens Make You Better in The Summer

Protecting the skin against the sun is essential to care, in addition to avoiding unnecessary tanning. The use of sunscreen, whether for the face or body, is indicated to prevent the appearance of stains, delay premature aging, and, above all, prevent diseases such as skin cancer, for example.

Therefore, when it comes to protecting your skin from the damage caused by the sun, it is important to choose a quality sunscreen – no matter if it is colored, colorless, oil-free, or antioxidant. Remember that, regardless of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF), it is necessary to renew the layer every 2 hours.

If you don’t know which sunscreen is right for your skin type or routine, check out our list of the best face and body sunscreens on the market!

Sunscreen for the body

Water Resistant Sunscreen: Neutrogena Sun Fresh

For starters, Neutrogena Sun Fresh is a body sunscreen that provides high protection, in addition to having antioxidant agents, preventing photoaging and spots caused by the sun, and promoting hydration, with rapid absorption.

The product is oil-free and very resistant to water, leaving the skin protected, hydrated, and dry. Its formula offers high invisible protection, and an ultra-light texture, and leaves no residue on the skin’s surface.

Features of Neutrogena Sun Fresh:

FPS 70;

Ideal for all skin types;

Creamy texture;

Water and sweat-resistant formula.

Body sunscreen: L’Oréal Solar Expertise

Providing maximum protection against the long UVA rays that penetrate deeper into the skin, L’Oréal Solar Expertise is a body sunscreen that has the antioxidant defense to help preserve collagen and intensive hydration for healthier skin.

This sunscreen has a light texture and fast absorption for soft and velvety skin. The product prevents premature aging and stains caused by the sun and is also water-resistant.

Features of L’Oréal Solar Expertise:

SPF 60;

Ideal for all skin types;

Cream texture;

Moisturizing and water-resistant composition.

Sunscreen for the face

Sunscreen for oily skin: Neostrata Minesol Oil Control

Ideal for oily and acne-prone skin, Neostrata Minesol Oil Control is a sunscreen for the face with high UVA/UVB protection and SPF 70. The product offers daily sun protection, immediately controlling the oiliness of the skin.

It was developed especially for the skin of Brazilians. That’s because its dual anti-oil action decreases shine and provides an all-day feeling of dry skin – great for places with a lot of humidity.

Features of Neostrata Minesol Oil Control:

FPS 70;

Ideal for oily and acne-prone skin;

Cream texture;

Oil-free formula, with particles that absorb and control oil for 8 hours.

Sunscreen for combination skin: ISDIN Fusion Water

ISDIN Fusion Water is a face sunscreen perfect for all skin types, including combination skin. It features SPF 60 and was created just for everyday use, being ideal for outdoor activities as well.

With a fluid and ultra-light texture, the product is immediately absorbed by the skin and still controls oiliness without leaving residues. Finally, its ingredients are biodegradable.

Features of ISDIN Fusion Water:

FPS 60;

Ideal for all skin types;

Light texture;

Oil control without leaving residue.

Sunscreen for dry skin: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Hydraox

Perfect for dry and mature skin, La Roche-Posay Anthelios Hydraox is a sunscreen for the face with an anti-aging action, an ultra-fluid texture, and an invisible finish. The product is still water and sweat-resistant, non-sticky and non-greasy.

In addition, it has a high concentration of La Roche-Posay thermal water and vitamin E, bringing a dry touch. With SPF 60, the product helps to preserve the skin’s collagen and promises to hydrate with lightness.

Features of La Roche-Posay Anthelios Hydraox:

FPS 60;

Ideal for combination, normal and dry skin;

Fluid texture;

Enriched with thermal water and vitamin E.

There Are Some Really Great Waist Trainer Deals Here

There Are Some Really Great Waist Trainer Deals Here

If you are looking for something that will make a significant change in your life and how you look every day, you need shapewear. Shapewear is something that all women should have at some point in their lives, whether to use it in special moments 

The Best Seamless Underwear for Summer

The Best Seamless Underwear for Summer

I am happy to recommend you seamless underwear.I know that this is a topic that interests all women and girls. This topic is often brought up in my company. Where and how to get underwear without seams. For this reason, I am extremely happy to be able 

How to Find Good-fitting Shapewear for Your Own

How to Find Good-fitting Shapewear for Your Own

If you haven’t discovered the power of shapewear yet, get ready for a spectacle

Sometimes I skip the introduction when talking about shapewear. I think that all women have heard of this magical thing and have the basic knowledge. However, it is not so. I didn’t know much either until a few years ago. I have often wondered how some famous people have such a body. I didn’t know what the secret was. I can’t remember how I first learned about these tricks. But since then I share them with everyone with great joy. If I can brighten the life of at least one woman with this information, I have succeeded in my mission.

If you are choosing your first shapewear I believe these tips will be useful. I will try to easily guide you to the most important things you need to know when choosing shapewear.

Some advice about sizes

Should I buy a smaller or larger size? Neither. Buy the size you normally wear. Don’t think that a smaller size will do a better job AND tighten you more. They will squeeze you but in a bad way. You will only get bumps which will not look nice. Shapewear is designed so that the size you normally wear does the best job for you. I have to mention the plus size body shaper. So there is an adequate size for every girl or woman. So you are not forced to buy a smaller number. After all, size is just a number and nothing more. Don’t let it define you and destroy your confidence.

Which body part do you want to shape?

How to shape the butt, without flattening it?

You need to answer these questions for yourself before purchasing the ideal shapewear. Which part of your body is problematic? Our genetics and many other factors depend on which part of us will accumulate extra pounds and deposits. Every woman has a different problem and considers hers to be the biggest. The Shapellx site offers all the solutions. So don’t despair, but start searching. I wanted to shape my butt. I did exercises all the time, but there were no results. I’ve slowly come to terms with the fact that I’ll never have a shapely and lifted butt, but I found butt lifter shapewear with them. It was designed by experts who know how to achieve it. And you know what, this gives phenomenal results.

Which shapewear is right for me?

Depending on the part of the body that needs support and shaping, you choose the best model for you. Some models include my breasts and some don’t. Some will shape your whole legs, and some are made like shorts. Maybe you feel your best when wearing a thong under tight clothing? I get this question a lot, and girls are surprised when I show them thong shapewear bodysuits. They don’t believe it even exists. So my dear wives, congratulations on a new chapter in your life. Now you become more confident in yourself and therefore happier. You will be like many women on the world stage. The hourglass figure is now a big trend in the world. And you can have it too with no effort and very little money. All products on this site are very affordable, so every woman can afford a model.

Ultimate Tips on Cleaning Your Makeup Tools

Ultimate Tips on Cleaning Your Makeup Tools

To make sure that your makeup looks as fresh as new every day, you need to clean your makeup tools on a regular basis. But if you’re too tired to clean them properly, we understand! Which is why in this post we’ve rounded up the 

Looking for The Best Shapewear Experience? Try Shapellx!

Looking for The Best Shapewear Experience? Try Shapellx!

Many people are stuck with the old-fashioned idea that shapewear is an undergarment that can only be worn hidden under your clothes. A little ironic, but because of that, the word shapewear sounds boring because it is imagined as just a plain undergarment. Fortunately, fashion can 

5 latest summer outfits you should own

5 latest summer outfits you should own

Summer is a great season to go to new places. But, before you pack your belongings and leave, check out these summer wardrobe ideas for your next vacation! On travel days, staying comfortable is essential, and you’ll need versatile clothing to make packing a snap.

Day of Travel:

Whether traveling on a road trip or flying, you should dress comfortably, especially if you’ll be sitting for a long time. However, you may not want to go so far as to wear pajamas; instead, choose some cute loungewear like:
Floral outfits or leggings
T-shirt with a loose fit
Shoes for the gym
Backpack or purse

Everyone wants to be comfortable on travel days, and you don’t have to sacrifice your appearance to do so. It is the first day of your vacation, and you’ll want to look your best for any photos or pit stops along the road. Accessories, such as your favorite pocketbook or stud earrings, can give your look some flair.

To Beat the dog days of summer.

The pant of the moment is high-rise, wide-leg trousers, and the way to make them work is to play with proportion. A form-fitting top, such as a bra top, a bustier crop top, or a bodysuit, adds just the right amount of contrast to the airy bottoms while keeping you cool throughout the sweltering summer months.

Basic but stylish:

With this essential attire that looks like it belongs in a Nancy Meyers film or an Eileen Fisher spring brochure, channel your inner seaside granny. The “moneyed” appearance is a change from last season’s filthy Euphoria image, signifying a life of relaxation—and replete with “finer” goods like teak salad forks, peony bouquets, wicker bags, and plenty of Breton strips and linen garments. You don’t need to vacation in Kennebunk, Maine, to enjoy the summery vibes—all you need is an adaptable button-down, some white trousers, and a shirtdress thrown in for good measure.

Day At The Beach:

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You’ll need your most perfect swimwear for a day at the beach or relaxing poolside, but that’s not all! A coverup, sandals, and other adorable accessories are also required. Are you looking for some motivation? Here are some suggestions for livening up your ensemble:
wearing colorful swimwear. Bright colors and colorful prints are in style this summer!
Jewelry is a great way to dress up a look. Hoop earrings and chain necklaces are both casual and enjoyable to wear.
Wearing a hat to keep the light off your face is the best thing you can do. A trendy look can be achieved by wearing a sunhat with sunglasses.
If you want an entertaining and trendy style when lying down at the beach or resting by the pool, don’t settle for anything less.

The perfect date day:

just break up with denim for the time being since I only want to wear matching outfits from now on This outfit is light and airy and can be dressed up or down with fun, fashionable platform sandals .

A Waist Trainer That People Who Like Fitness Can’t Miss

A Waist Trainer That People Who Like Fitness Can’t Miss

Waist trainers have been in woman’s life for ages literally. Back in the day, women used corsets to wear under their dresses and have significantly smaller waists. Those tend to be very uncomfortable, and I’m pretty sure also very damaging to women’s bodies. Nowadays, thanks