Choosing Underwear That Complements Your Girlfriend's Skin Tone
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Choosing Underwear That Complements Your Girlfriend’s Skin Tone

You can give a real touch of a loving gesture to your girlfriend by purchasing underwear for her. Yet, there are so many looks that the sea of dresses, colors, and fabrics will only make us confuse. It maybe only on aesthetics, but you should be careful to choose a good fit and comfort. Now we’ll look into some Cosmolle points that will help you define her desires and skin tone for comfortable underwear.

Beyond Skin Tone: Comfort and Fit First

Though skin tone did matter, comfort and fit of the garment played the dominant part. Uncomfortable underwear that can make up an itchy part of the body or causes riding up or digging in will make you lose comfort. Here’s what to keep in mind:


Go for the fabrics that are less TVOC if possible; look for natural fibers like cotton or cotton blends. Don’t use too many synthetic fibers which can cause the material to absorb and emit heat. This may lead to skin problems since the material trapped heat. If your girlfriend uses activewear as a main part of her wardrobe, then you should take her along to buy some special fabrics that come with legging. Also, you could get a long sleeve legging set that goes with all of her existing active wear outfit.


Imagine her regular schedule and fashion sense, wear a new outfit. Briefs offer full coverage from all sides while thongs are revealing especially at the back and along the sides. Boyshorts helps them still cover everything up but in a smarter way. With the purpose of everyday use, bra lattes are usually comfortable to wear, but for intense activities like sports, sports bras sustain the cup of the breast and provide support.

Finding the Flattering Fit:

After bearing in mind the issue of comfort, you can acknowledge the idea that the color can elicit different feeling according to the toned of her skin. Here’s a general guide buying underwear for girlfriend keeping in mind that lighting and personal preference always come first:

  • Fair Skin Tones: As for these colors shades like nude, white or beige very stop correctly. Orange and lilac gradient are beautiful as well.
  • Medium Skin Tones: In fact, pigment in spades will function: neutral, nude, black, and jewel tones like emerald or sapphire.
  • Olive Skin Tones: A dark blue, tranquil green or gray clothing, as seen at Home resembles earth tones, making them very flattering to wear. For instance, if the base color is an olive skin, the rich jewel tones, such as emerald or burgundy, will also aesthetically enhance the skin complexion.
  • Darker Skin Tones: Dark, deeper colored carpets such as black, plum etc can look very classy. Vibrant colors such as fuchsia or teal can be an equally fierce and gorgeous option. Hence, you could be helped with the zealous colors including fuchsia and teal.

Romantic Touch

However, while the Cosmolle suggestions to be given below are not so romantic, a little romance will never go wrong. Here are some ideas:

  • Consider a Set: It may happen that a girl likes it a lot when she gets a matching bra and panty set which was bought in an expensive store.
  • Add a Personal Touch: Others, in addition to that, allow customers to pick embroidery or monogramming of their products. She can come with you to the store and select a pair with her signature or an inscription.


Probably the essential thing is for is to pick activewear leggings underwear that assists your girlfriend to feel self-assured and comfortable. At the end however if the perfect is that bracelet which she loves to wear no matter what the name written on it.