Sephora: Here are best items I can't stop recommending
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Sephora: Here are the best items I can’t stop recommending

My browser’s autofill always takes me to when I write “S” in the address box. I can never resist the impulse to enter a Sephora store while wandering around the city, which is frequent. If I’m not waiting in line to pay, I’m either waiting for a popular item to replenish or adding products to my basket in anticipation of payday.

At the moment, it is the latter. With the holiday shopping season rapidly approaching, I gladly browsed through thousands of top-rated items before settling on the 16 cosmetic, hair, skin, and BodyCare must-haves listed below for you (or a loved one). For the hot goods, I can’t quit praising; keep scrolling.

keeping up with your busy schedule with dry shampoo 

I’m confident that the dry shampoo you have is lovely. You have lived once you’ve played the sickening pleasurable game of seeing how long you can stretch a hair wash without crossing over into unclean regions. So if you don’t, turn off your computer, notify your employer of a personal emergency, and get your ass to Sephora.

Your dry shampoo pales compared to this French deity, not that I’m trying to be Regina George. Break it off, fall in love with Frenchie, and then give your first child my name since you’re going to adore this stuff so much.

Hydrating Lipstick is the lifeline of lips 

In Winter 

A medium-dark coral with a cream finish and a warm undertone, moisturizing Lipstick Sephora Can’t Stop (05). Retailing for $15.00, it is a permanent lipstick with a 0.12 oz. Size.

The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser is a recommended face wash. 

This cleanser is excellent if you’re looking for a simple cleanser that won’t peel your skin, doesn’t have any harsh active ingredients, and softly cleans your face. It helps that it costs only $10, which is reasonable (or under, with a discount).

Glow Recipe for SPF Niacinamide Sunscreen Watermelon Glow SPF 50* 

Throughout the whole winter months, I wore this sunscreen every day and was blown away by how dewy it was without being oily or adding to my oiliness. Its lotion-like nature makes it incredibly simple to distribute and mix. It works best with a water-gel moisturizer; thus, summer is the best time to use it.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm, is one full-size tube and lasts three months. 

I told myself last year that I didn’t need more lip balms, but after trying them, I was hooked. On my lips, it’s one of the most nourishing, moisturizing, and protecting products. Since I require something heavier at night but want something that isn’t too sticky or thick during the day, I generally use different lip balms for each occasion. However, this balm works nicely throughout the day. The tinted varieties work well as daily lip tints on their own and over lip liner.


This article is a lifesaver for you in this chilling cold to keep your hair, skin, and lips in shape.  

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