The apparel in crisis, the method of regeneration contractor who restored the V shape of the world

Net income of the consolidated financial statements (International Accounting Standards) for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2005 was 11.1 billion yen, which was 11 times higher than the previous year, resulting in a substantial increase in profit. In the first half of the first year of the structural reform (the fiscal year ended March 2004), a reaction to posting a loss of 9.5 billion yen at hopes of 500 hopes of retirement and mass closure, and these fixed cost reduction effects contributed.
Net sales revenues were 257.5 billion yen, down 7% from the previous fiscal year. The impact of closing domestic 479 stores during the previous fiscal year due to structural reform was large, which was a decrease. Meanwhile, Internet mail-order sales increased by 19% to 16.9 billion yen due to strengthening of their own site. The establishment of a person in charge of EC (e-commerce) for each well-known brand such as “women’s clothing” un-title “, men’s wear” Takeo Okuchi “was successful.
Operating profit showing profit of core business increased 24% to 14.4 billion yen. We strove to optimize purchasing, raised operating profit by raising the selling price ratio by lowering the discount width of the sale low. The operating income margin improved 1.4 points from 4.2% in the previous fiscal year to 5.6%.

In 1959, the world was founded independently by Mr. Hirotsushi Hatazaki and Mr. Kiyoshi Kiguchi who were employees of the apparel company. At that time, apparel goods caught in the core industry of Japan. Even if the later generations do the same thing, there is no chance of winning. Prior to other companies, we launched an innovation one after another.

It is from the beginning of the 1990s that the world will grow. From apparel wholesale in 1993, it was transformed into SPA (manufacturing retail) which is from product planning to retail first. In contrast to many apparel makers adopting one company’s brand strategy, we developed a multi-brand strategy. Hatazaki Hirotoshi, founder, retired from the president quickly at the young age of 60, in 1997. After that, turned to an investor. He appeared in numerous handicap battles, and has taken up the topic of the stock market as a leading source.

The president of the world served Mr. Hideto Terai of the brother – in – law of Mr. Hatazaki. In the 2000s, we actively opened stores in shopping centers and fashion buildings ahead of other apparel firms, which are mainly made up of department stores. In the meantime, it was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and TSE 2nd section, but also introduced another takeover defense plan ahead of other companies. We carried out MBO (acquisition by management team) and delisted it in 2005.

However, it got dark in Lehman shock. Competition among SCs intensified due to the sharp mall of shopping centers (SC), discount sales became normal and unprofitable stores increased. It was the emergence of fast fashion such as UNIQLO, which caught up with it. The number of low-priced stores has increased, and the wind of the medium price blown against the world.
Profit sharply declined. 700 million yen in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2001 and 1.6 billion yen in the 14th consecutive year (both accounting standards in Japan) and the second consecutive final deficit. Kenji Kamiyama invited the president Mr. Terai to rebuild. It was also an obstacle to the apparel company to put the manager in charge of the regeneration contractor.

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