The Beauty and Charm of Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings have an interesting and vibrant history. Originally they were quite popular to wear costume manufacturer in the prohibition era of the U.S. at illegal cocktail parties. The ring, containing an excessively oversized diamond or other precious stone, was a stylish symbol, flaunting the wearer’s participation in an illegal activity. After the Prohibition era the popularity of these rings continued to grow as cocktail parties continued to flourish. Today its use is still present, with varying designs and styles, particularly when attending high class formal events or occasions such as theatre productions, awards ceremonies, film premieres, etc.

The original style of a cocktail ring was designed around a large diamond or other precious stone in the ring setting as a sign of wealth or status. Today the trend leans more towards using faux stones as opposed to genuine stones to allow for greater availability and affordability amongst customers who otherwise would not buy the product. Obviously it would be quite expensive to obtain jewelry with such large precious stones, limiting the market extensively.

Many people have discovered that quality costume cocktail rings are a perfectly acceptable substitute for most occasions, and are satisfied with these replica models. Another advantage to costume jewelry of this nature is that in the event it is lost or stolen, replacement costs are considerably less damaging to your budget.

The cost of costume cocktail rings will of course vary depending on the style and design of the product as well as the dealer from whom you purchase your merchandise. But on average you can expect to find these rings at a cost of anywhere from $300 to $500, with the ring itself manufactured from real gold as opposed to gold filling. In contrast using real diamonds or other precious stones in your ring will substantially increase the cost, starting at around $10,000 to well over $100,000 depending on the stone chosen, the size of the ring and its quality. It is not unusual for rings worn by celebrities such as movie stars, successful sports players or the like to cost up to a million dollars.

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