Body Shaper Shapewear Waist Trainer

The Function And Choice of Shapewear

Shapewear is one of the most popular choices when it comes to figure-flattering lingerie. They are not only very comfortable to wear, but also less intimidating than full bodysuits. From cheap shapewear to high waist sculpting shorts, there is something for everyone to choose from.

Black Three Belts Latex Waist Trainer Big Size Calories Burning

The first product that we would like to recommend is the waist trainer which smoothes your thighs while shaping and lifting your butt at the same time.

Wear them underneath longer bodycon dresses and tight-fitting pencil skirts for a perfect party or office look.

Deep Coffee Seamless Tummy Firm Control Shorts Shapewear Light Control

butt-lifters(pictured above) are one of our favourite items for a variety of reasons. First of all, this type of shapewear is an ideal solution for all your tummy problems. The smart design of high waist not only keeps your abdomen area flat and toned, but it also provides extra security in case of any unexpected wardrobe malfunctions.

Skin Color Large Size High Waist Thong Shaper Hourglass Figure

Last but not least, leggings shapewear is slightly less popular, however, it provides fantastic full-body control taking care of many parts of your figure at the same time. To prevent them from rolling down, you can attach them to your bra using a special hook.

Waist trainer leggings are made of light, breathable fabrics and smooth your thighs, legs, and calves so you can achieve the shape you always dreamt of. Highly recommended!

Dark Blue Neoprene Leggings Shaper 3 Rows Hooks High Rise Lose Weight

leggings are a wardrobe essential that is comfortable for wearing all day.

Wine Red High Waist Shaper Firm Control Leggings For Women

leggings are a perfect solution if you want to focus on just one part of your body at a time and also still look sexy and feminine while wearing shapewear.

Important tip that you should never forget is sticking to your size.  Shapewear lingerie are supposed to fit perfectly – they can’t be too loose or too tight. Make sure that you know your measurements before ordering anything online as many retailers use their own size charts and it’s easy to get confused.

Always double-check the size and if you still have doubts, ask questions.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Shapewear Guide and found our styling tips helpful. Once you know some basic rules of every type of shapewear, incorporating them into your daily life is super easy.

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