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The impact of costume manufacturer on the environment and how to shop more morally.

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We wear clothes every day, but few people spend too much time thinking about making different kinds of textiles and their environmental impact.

Considering our interest in the food we eat or the skin care products we use, it’s interesting.

Most of us don’t understand that environmental reinforcement is a dress, and the research of Dr. Clara Vuletich, a fashion sustainable development expert, focuses on its sustainable textiles.

“Textile supply chain is the most complex part of all manufacturing industries,” she said.

First of all, fiber is almost always a dense process of energy and pollutants, whether from plants, animals or crude oil.

Fibers are processed into yarns, and then woven or woven into yarns. In some places, bleaching agents and dyes are usually involved.

Finally, the fabric is made into clothes.

Each of these steps can happen in different factories, maybe in different countries.

“The environmental impact of all these stages,” Dr. Vuletich said.

We know that a large amount of water is usually used in the costume manufacturer of textiles, because all these yarns must be cleaned continuously, and it is undergoing all these chemical processes to turn it into such a high quality, very delicate material, and then it becomes a different color from nature.

According to a recent industry report, the clothing and footwear industry now accounts for 8% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, almost the sum of the whole European Union.

2030, the climate impact of the clothing industry predicts that almost every year we will generate almost 4.9 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Mac Fergusson, a textile expert at RMIT, says that Australian made textiles have set up a good example of the rest of the world, and the global industry is more environmentally friendly.

He said, “we have done a lot of recycling work, many people are not aware of this.”

Because the  costume manufacturer  is so complex and diverse, it is difficult to quantify the environmental impact brought by them.

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