Things to Look for When You’re Buying Men’s Underwear

You want to see the underwear like you were holding it. Look at the outseam/inseam length, too short they may be constricting, too long they may bunch up when you move. Look at the seams around the crotch, too many of them, or really thick and you might end up feeling it at the top inside part of your thigh or worse around your entire scrotum.

Look at the shape of the crotch, too narrow of a pouch and you find yourself shifting your junk all around to keep it in there. Look to see how easily it stretches, if it looks tight chances are its gonna be snug and you may or may not want your package pulled that taut against you. Lastly look at the waistband, the narrower the elastic, the less aware I am of it around my waist. But you might prefer the firmer feel of a wider elastic. Some are covered in the same material as the underwear so you don’t feel it at all.

You just went online, searched for men’s underwear and found 100 sites selling the same brands with similar choices. Where do you start? How do you choose between one underwear and another? Which one is more comfortable than the other? In the past when I went shopping for underwear online, I purchased solely on the way they looked because I didn’t know any better.

Then after wearing them I realized, hey these suck because they were either made from Nylon, Polyester, or Acrylic and they were usually knitted together with large raised seams that were abrasive. One day at work I actually took them off and threw em out after sitting for an hour at my desk because one seam was so profound that it cut the circulation off to my scrotum. I was mad because I just wasted 20 bucks.

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