Three Things to Consider When Looking for Lacey Costume Wigs

Lacey costume wigs are popular fashionable accessories that can help you to augment your overall look. Whether you are looking for an everyday wear or a wig to complement your costume, there are several designs that you can go for. Consider the following attributes to help you in the process:

Front or Full Lace

When you are looking for a lacey costume wig for an event or for everyday use, you must first decide whether you want the lace front or full lace design. This should depend on your budget bracket and the effect that you want to induce with your wig. Primarily, in lace front wigs, the lace fabric only covers the front hairline part of the wig. The back and side portions of these wigs consist of materials such as polyurethane and other monofilaments. Because lace is an expensive fabric, having it only on the front part of the wig significantly reduces costs. Therefore, if you are cash struck, or do not fancy gathered hairstyles such as the ponytail.

On the other hand, because full lace wigs have the material throughout the accessory, the wig looks natural no matter the hairstyle that you wear. It is also more comfortable, breathable, and very easy to style. However, even though the benefits of using full front lacey custom wigs are many, they are attainable at a relatively high cost. Moreover, because lace is very delicate compared to materials such as polyurethane and monofilaments, it is very difficult to maintain. You have to take keen care and attention when wearing and or cleaning a full lace wig to enhance its longevity.

Human or Synthetic Hair

After you have decided whether you want a front or full lace design, you should then decide on the type of hair that you want. Primarily, lacey custom wigs are attainable in either natural human or synthetic hair designs that have their own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Human Hair Lacey Custom Wigs

Wigs made of human hair are natural looking and more durable that their synthetic alternative. In addition, because it is the material is the same as your natural hair, you can cut, dry, dye, and style it in any way that you so please. However, to have promising results over a long time, you must care for the wig as you would your own hair. This means that you will have to condition, shampoo, and dry it often, to keep its original gleam. If you have the financial muscle, and know how to care for natural hair, a European, Remy, or Indian custom wig is a good option.

2. Synthetic Lacey Hair Custom Wigs

Even though synthetic wigs are not as natural as their human hair counterparts are, they are by far the cheapest option available in the market. Their only limitation is that they are less durable, and can heat up, especially if you live in a temperate environment. Therefore, if you intend to use your synthetic lacey wig often, it is advisable that you buy at least two accessories. The second one can act as a replacement when the need to replace the first one arises. Synthetic wigs are advantageous in that they do not need much care. For instance, if you have a wig made of konekalon, futura fiber, and many other synthetic materials, all you have to do is wash and iron them under low heat.

Lace Color

The lace color is very important if you want to have a natural look using your wig. Lacey custom wigs are attainable in an array of colors. These include brown (light, medium, and dark brown) and other darker colors that are suitable for different skin types. Many manufacturers have also created neutral lace colors that can complement all skin types. If you are a first time user of lacey custom wigs, it is advisable that you go for neutral lace designs and gradually experiment with other colors.

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