Toilet Training Ideas

Toilet training is among the many things that a parent introduces into the routine of a child. This is one area that gives many parents a hard time. Between the age of 18-24 months, babies need to start getting trained on how to do their potty in a different place from the nappies and diapers.costume manufacturer

Toilet training begins by making your toddler feel safe about the whole thing. It involves making use of techniques and items that will make your baby feel interested in using a potty instead of soiling his nappies. If you are to be successful, do not force the toddler into using the potty. Be very gentle even when you feel like you want to throw a tantrum out of frustration.

You can complete the toilet training in a day, all you need is to acquire a doll, plenty of liquid, underwear and a potty chair for your baby to replace the diaper on its own. The doll will be used to demonstrate how to do the potty. You can do this when your child is at least two years of age because at this time they can comprehend the various bits and pieces about hygiene.

Start by having your baby feed the doll with the liquid and then show it how to do the potty by removing the underwear. As your baby watches the doll do the potty, he will also understand that this is the same thing he has to do after liquids. You can even ‘throw a party’ after the potty, it will encourage the kid to use the potty.

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