WGNO’s Adam Bowles showcases all of the crazy costumes at Mechacon!

Mechacon came to New Orleans this weekend! It’s one of the largest Anime conventions in the nation celebrating Japanese animation. WGNO’s Adam Bowles got to see all of the unique and crazy costumes that Anime lovers wore and he even got to try on one himself!

Imagine a world where you could be any Anime character you want. Dragonball Z? Tortoro? Ninja Turtles? That’s why Mechacon came to New Orleans this weekend at the Hyatt Regency Hotel to fulfill those fantasy dreams of all anime geeks!

Adam Bowles dressed up as a giant Pikachu and explored the convention trying to find all of the craziest costumes.

Everyone got to live out their cartoon dream, even if you wanted to date the Grim Reaper like Annette Diaz.

“I mean you’re dating death so its kind of like the best possible outcome to any dating scenario,” Diaz says. “To date death so your immortal, you really think Death is gonna be like ‘Sorry babe I got to kill you.”

Immortal or not, every character you meet is a surprise. Watch the video for the hilarious reaction of Adam getting scared of the “Alien” in Alien Vs Predator! Also, people dressed up in full costumes like one of the “Furries” that Adam got the chance to hug!

Everywhere you would walk around, catchphrases could be heard from yards away, like “Got to catch them all!” from Pokemon. Also, there where costumes that just made you go “Huh?”

“My character is trying to collect her dad’s dead body parts so she can give him a proper burial,” Jennifer from Slidell says.

But, no matter what you’re wearing, from Dragonball Z to Yu-Gi-Oh, for anime lovers; It is just a chance to escape.

“It’s just a step away from reality where people can just enjoy something else and not have to worry about the worries of their daily lives,” Jonathan Guy says.

Mechacon has grown from just a couple of a hundred in attendance in 2005 to over 15,000 people participating.

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