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Leaving spring and meeting summer excites people. Some are really looking forward to the summer festivals, and some are, of course, looking forward to the latest fashion trends to try, including us right? It is undeniable, that the change of seasons is the right time to fill your wardrobe with new items and try out various styles that are currently popular.

The style with the concept of chic and powerful has been very popular since the beginning of this year. This is like an expression of people’s freedom after being ‘locked up in the house for too long. Approaching summer, the same concept is still being carried with more fun and colorful touches. If in the previous year loungewear with natural colors was more in demand, now the trend has shifted to a body-conscious dress style that wraps tightly with bright colors.

In addition to tight dresses, there are still a number of stylish dresses that you should try this summer. For those of you who are curious, let’s take a peek here!

1. Drawstring Dress

Drawstring dress has been very popular and loved by many women for a long time. This year, the classy dress is back in the spotlight and is much sought after by fashion lovers. This dress will make you look stunning effortlessly because the drawstring accent of the dress itself looks very unique. A drawstring dress that tightly wraps around your body will show your beautiful curves, but you have to make sure you choose a material that is comfortable and absorbs sweat, such as cotton and jersey.

2. Cutout Dress

Summer is the perfect time to be different with something new. If you are bored with the same style of dress, you can try wearing a simple dress with cutout details as an alternative. Dresses that are designed in cutouts tend to have unique yet subtle details. Whether it’s cut on the neck, chest, or waist, clothes with cutout details can make a simple outfit look different and trendy. Plus it’s summer, showing a little bit of your skin is okay!

Cutout dresses usually come with a bodycon design, but you can also choose a mini dress with a flowy design. What needs to be considered is to choose a dress with a cut that fits your body so that it is not too loose when worn. Another thing, also pay attention to the undergarment you wear so as not to spoil your appearance. For example, you can choose an invisible bra such as a nipple pad, strapless bra, or a low-back bra that you can adjust to the cutout dress design you are wearing.

3. Puff Sleeves Dress

If you prefer an appearance that looks feminine and sweet, a puff sleeve dress is perfect for you to choose. This dress with puffy sleeves has been loved for a long time and remains popular today. Not only easy to find in various stores, puff sleeve dresses are also suitable for all body shapes. With puffy sleeves, this dress can circulate air well and is very comfortable to wear all day.

4. Floral Dress

This year, a dress with a pattern of large flowers is being targeted by many floral dress lovers. Indeed, floral prints are a timeless style and are popular every year, especially in spring and summer. A floral dress will create a feminine and elegant look easily. You can even look chic and trendy without the need to add excessive accessories. Choose bright colors like orange, yellow, blue or scarlet to make you blend in with the energetic and fresh summer tones.

5. Bohemian Dress

Bohemian is an iconic style that is back in popularity this year, even dominating street style at the Coachella 2022 event some time ago. The bohemian style has a design that emphasizes the dominance of a distinctive pattern and is spiked with lace accents. Regardless of the style, bohemian dresses always look beautiful from any angle.

Bohemian V Neck Short Sleeve Mini Dress

The feminine colors presented in the bohemian styles include dark brown, light brown, white, khaki, muted blue, and other warm earthy tones. So when wearing this outfit, whatever skin color you have will definitely match and look beautiful. You can combine your boho dress with boots, a scarf, and various accessories made of beads and wood.

So, are you ready to look stunning this summer? Which dress caught your eye the most, ladies?

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