A Quick Guide to Trendy Summer Sunglasses
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A Quick Guide to Trendy Summer Sunglasses

Are you ready for the perfect sunglasses this summer? Look no further! We have curated a wide selection of trendy, fashionable, and affordable sunglasses for ladies! Aviators, contemporary frames, or whatever it might be—we have all the options to keep your eyes safe under the harsh sun rays. Explore different prices, styles, and shades that won’t wear down your pocket. Step in with an effortless look this summer season without worrying about standing out! Get hold of your most desirable individual style and stay ahead of trends. If classy or cutting-edge is what you need—this guide has all you are dreaming of.

Rheos Edistos

Have you ever wondered if there are sunglasses that offer both lightweight comfort and reliable glare reduction? The answer is yes! The Rheos Edisto comes to the rescue! These darkly chic sunglasses come in a stylish black-on-black color combination that will imbue you with a mysterious yet versatile aura. Whether you’re taking a leisurely swim or nailing that half marathon training, these sunglasses will stay by your side to protect your eyes while keeping everyone jealous of your phenomenal style. Plus, with their competitive price tag of just $65, you can treat yourself (and your eyes) without breaking the bank!

Privé Revaux Morningside

Every fashionista needs a pair of sunglasses that can keep up with her style, and the Privé Revaux Morningside is a perfect option. Choose between three trendy colors: classic black, earthy brown tortoise-like style, or a delightful lilac hue! No matter your mood, you’ll find the perfect color to show off your look. But don’t be fooled; these fashionable glasses are also quite durable. Thanks to their scratch-resistant coating and injection-molded cellulose propionate frames, you can take these and join your next adventure without worrying about ruining them! To top it all off, these functional fashion pieces come at a budget-friendly price of only $40!

Humps Optics Venice

It’s time to get excited about summer’s newest star accessories: the Marbled Frame sunglasses! Crafted out of recycled material, they are just as sustainable as they are fashionable. Not convinced? Ask Haley Grumet, a flight attendant, and frequent traveler–she’s fallen head over heels for these stylish sunglasses. “I love them,” she says. “They look great, are polarized, and super durable.” Plus, the best part? For an amazing price tag of $44, you don’t have to dig too deeply into your wallet for style and performance. And if you still need convincing, these glasses provide 100% UV protection to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful rays–what more can you ask for? Say hello to your new favorite summer accessory today!

Le Specs Gymplastics

Boost your confidence with Le Specs’ Gymplastics! This pair of sunglasses kind of looks like they cost a fortune, but it SAVES you serious money. Whenever you go out in them, heads will turn, and eyes will follow. Vanessa Powell, a Santa Monica-based fashion editor and outdoors enthusiast, describes them as having a “fashion-forward and fresh shape.” Transitioning from day to night is never easier than when rocking these frames, no matter the look you are going for — after all, dapper always comes first. 

And because you can cater to your budget yet still get maximum style points, embrace the wallet-friendly price point of $79 (or stretch the budget clockwork by picking them up at a sale price of $40!) It’s time to sport luxe look at a non-luxurious cost – so what are you waiting for? Get your new shades today & show off accordingly!

No matter what kind of sunglasses you fancy, we’ve got something for everyone. So go ahead and get your sunnies this summer without breaking the bank.