All You Need Are Poster Board and This Viral App to Make the Easiest Halloween Costume Ever

Google truly started 2018 with a bang, releasing an app feature that fueled a full-on social media frenzy. The tech company’s Arts & Culture phone app went viral back in January after it added a new tool that allows users to see their portrait painting doppelgängers in a matter of seconds. The app rummages through a database of artwork to find a handful of pieces that resemble your selfie, providing you with nifty side-by-side collages for comparison. In short, the feature is insanely addicting, especially considering the fact that it’ll spit out a whole new batch of artistic look-alikes each time you change your selfie facial expression.

As soon as people started catching wind of the app’s hysterical new feature, it spread like wildfire, with thousands of people sharing their painting matches on social media — celebrities included. Some of the app’s comparisons are pretty spot-on, while others are, y’know, not exactly the most complimentary. But it’s all part of the fun!

So why are we bringing this app back into the spotlight again? Well, I’m glad you asked. While thinking about DIY Halloween costumes for this year, Google’s Arts & Culture App came to mind because it basically does all the work for you in creating a quick and easy costume. Just follow these five simple steps, and you’re good to go.

1 Download the Google Arts and Culture app (on iTunes if you’re an iPhone user or on Google Play if you’ve got an Android), and scroll down to the “Search with your selfie” section.
2 Snap a selfie and wait for the app to provide you with your set of art portrait doppelgängers. Pick one from the batch that speaks to your soul the most, and print a large version of the look-alike’s portrait.
3 Purchase a horizontally aligned poster board, and cut a square slot out of one side. Paste the printed portrait on the other side.
4 If you really want to go above and beyond, use a marker to write your match percentage in the top left corner and “Google Arts & Culture” in the lower right corner of the poster.
5 Walk around your Halloween party with your face sticking through the empty slot in the poster board. It’s like the app has come to life!

If you’re already on the hunt for a Halloween costume that takes virtually zero effort but is still culturally relevant, Google’s Arts & Culture app will help you create one that’ll get you all the “likes.” Ahead, see exactly how to use the app’s face match tool, and keep reading to see a few celebrities who shared their portrait twins on social media.

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