1 Woman Made Custom Outfits For Her Family’s Disney Vacation — and They Blow T-Shirts Out of the Water

Sheridan O’Hea, a 20-year-old fashion student from New Jersey, sure knows how to put her sewing talents to good use. In a now-viral Reddit thread, she shared a few photos of matching outfits she handcrafted for her family’s annual trip to Disney World, and holy sh*t are they good! Sheridan first became interested in fashion when her grandpa taught her to sew at 8 or 9 years old, and while she admits she didn’t do much of it outside of the classroom, she felt inspired thinking about her upcoming family vacation.

“By the end of July I realized that my Disney vacation was coming up soon and my mom was nagging me to get us matching T-shirts like we do every year,” Sheridan told POPSUGAR. “I decided that this year would be different. I didn’t want to be like any other family with obnoxious T-shirts. I wanted obnoxious outfits. Handmade obnoxious outfits.”

She swung by her local craft store to pick up some supplies, and she admits that she already had a few ideas in mind.

“I went to JOANN Fabric and went straight to the Disney section,” she said. “I picked out this fabric specifically because I loved the old movie poster design and I thought it was definitely one of the more eye-catching fabrics, which is exactly what I needed. I had a couple ideas of what to make for my family, but I knew that my boyfriend and brother would love their own button-down shirts.”

Sheridan wanted the outfits to come out perfectly. She dedicated all the time she wasn’t at work to her ambitious project for a solid week — and despite the time crunch, her effort paid off in spades. Judging by the photos, her family clearly loved her designs.

“I’m so thankful of all of the love I got from my family,” she said. “No way was I expecting such feedback for my designs. They are truly my biggest supporters. My mom has always begged me to make her something and I finally did. I was hesitant to make anything for anyone else because I was always so hard on myself about whether or not they would like or wear it.”

Scroll through to get a peek at her incredible matching outfits, and keep an eye out for Sheridan’s very own Etsy shop down the line.

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