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Best Dressed in OSCAR 2022

There seems to be no other perfect platform than the Awards Show regarding the most fabulous red carpet fashion theme. The approach lets performers transform into Hollywood stars by dressing up in high-octane tailored outfits that accentuate the brightest features of their personalities.

The top-dressed celebs at the Oscars 2022 suitably explored present film star glamor with costumes that referenced the history while remaining modern.

Only the most carefree celebrity is now supposed to be socially alert, ecologically sensitive, social media savvy, and stylishly daring. But unfortunately, that checklist can appear overwhelming in writing, and it’s far from challenging to complete.

Checking the best-dressed celebs at the Oscars throughout 2022 gives a quick shot of the present scenario of the red carpet. The winning designs were elegant but unique, and they should encourage fashionistas in coming years.

Zendaya was in Valentino.

You could always count on Zendaya to put on a show-stopping red-carpet performance. She completed her outfit wearing Bulgari Serpenti Snake single- and double-coil wristbands.

She strolled the red carpet in a glistening silvery Valentino dress and trimmed satin top. Law Roach created her look.

Nicole Kidman is a well-known actress in Armani.

Nicole Kidman embodied Old California elegance in a sleeveless Armani costume with an oversized ruffled peplum that connected in the behind with an extravagant bow and continued into a fringe adorned with golden diamonds.

This delicate lilac color was already hand-dyed on the cloth. She accessorized her attire using Harry Winston jewels and an Omega wristwatch. Julia von Boehm was in charge of her look.

Zoe Kravitz was dressed in Saint Lauren.

Zoe Kravitz donned a stunning pink Saint Laurent gown featuring a bustier adorned by a rosette. Her strapless outfit was complemented by Kwiat diamonds jewelry and Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Andrew Mukamal was in charge of her look.

Ariana DeBose is a model and actress in Valentino.

The West Side Story star wore a custom-made Valentino dress comprising fitted slacks, a bomber top, and a theatrical appliqué on the red carpet and won the Outstanding Supporting Performer Oscar. De Beers and also an Omega wristwatch brought a bit of glamor.

Both Zadrian and Sarah were in charge of her look.

Lupita Nyong’o is an artist and was in Parada.

Lupita Nyong’o looked stunning in a golden yellow Prada outfit with a slight lace overlay on the red walk. Glistening amethyst and topaz gems adorned the three-dimensional sequined pattern. She completed her eye-catching attire with De Beers jewelry.

Micaela Erlanger was her stylist.

Lily James is a well-known actress and was dressed in Versace.

Wearing candyfloss pink Atelier Versace, Lily James seemed to have a fairy-tale experience. The stitched Chantilly silk dress, which boasted a thigh-high cut and fluffy georgette bottom, was part of the design room’s late fall 2021 Haute design.

Rebecca Corbin Murray did her full makeup.

Kristen Stewart looks lovely in Chanel.

With removing a skirt and getting midway to discarding pants, the longstanding Chanel inspiration and Spencer actress continues to surprise everybody and create a success of a new way of handling the Awards red carpet.

She oozed a killer’s cool and queer perfection in a way that she might knock off so effortlessly. We love how she changed from out of heels and into slippers before coming to the carpet.

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