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Camisole Full of Small Florals

Hello loves !!! All right? It is important to have a good night’s sleep, and one way to have quality nights and sleep well is to sleep comfortably. And nothing better than a good pair of pajamas or a nightgown to ensure that the rest is invigorating!

If you follow fashion and like comfort you have to know what is in fashion in nightwear 2020 !!!

Long sleeve

Pajama models with long pants and long sleeves are a must have for cold days and represent almost 50% of consumer preference. This model prioritizes comfort and coziness, which is why fabrics such as cotton and plush are the most suitable. Cords can be cords at the waist to improve the fit of the piece to the body: the Cheetah elastic ribbon, which already comes with the built-in cord, is perfect for this application.

Short pajamas

Sets that combine a T-shirt and a pair of shorts are great for mid-season, when the weather is milder. Generally more loose, this model is very sought after by those who like freedom of movement and comfort at the same time. Cotton, as always, is preferred when looking for maximum well-being. A silk ensemble is also very comfortable and chic.

baby doll

This supergraceful model is a favorite of women because it is more delicate and sensual. He combines a short nightgown, which may have an open front or not, with matching panties. The fabrics tend to have a very soft touch, so try to mix the delicacy of silk or bindings with the sensuality of lace, like Analu, for a sexy combination in measure.


Beautiful and comfortable, sweaters never go out of style. Long-sleeved, short or with straps, they do not tighten the body and are the favorites of older women. To make the garment more charming, include details such as small satin bows on the neckline. It is a grace, as well as lace appliques on the sleeves and bars.

Dotted Cotton Nightdress

This nightgown is perfect with blue flower details, very romantic sexy for you to be comfortable sleeping.

 The nightdress with small flower print is super trendy, for you who like a romantic look to sleep.

Types of prints

The return of floral, animal print and minimalism are the main bets for the 2020 sleepwear collections. Next, you can find more information about each one.

Animal print

Prints that imitate animal skins never go out of style. After the saturation of leopards and jaguars, it is good to bet on the animal print of reptiles. Superatual!

Minimalist prints

In sleepwear, minimalism appears as a reference in comfort and practicality. Discreet silhouettes and minimal prints form a great combination, as well as a smooth, neutral color palette.

Floral prints

The flowers from the Asian continent will be a great inspiration for the pajamas prints of the women’s sleepwear line, as well as flowers on a micro scale. Fabrics such as bobbins, superlevinhos, are great for creating light and comfortable pieces.

This sweater is very beautiful light blue with white flowers, it is very delicate.

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