Different Modern Day Uses of Corsets

Though not verified, some trace the history of corsets back to the reign of King Henry II of France in the 1550s when the king’s wife banned women with a thick waist from attending court sessions. In order to attend the sessions, some women wore the corsets to hide their thick waists.

Though the main reason for wearing the garments holds till today, there are now more reasons as to why people wear these outfits. Some of these uses of corsets are explained below;

Improve Ones Looks – Most people who are overweight will normally have fat deposits accumulating around the abdomen region. The hanging out of the tummy region is usually undesirable to many and those with such problems will go to great lengths to remove or hide this fat accumulation. One way that people seek to cover-up this is by wearing a corset. The corset holds tightly the loose floppy area around the waist of the wearer and this way, the wearer looks more shapely. For women, wearing the corsets enables one to have a slim waist and this makes them feel and look more feminine.

Fashion – In recent years, the corsets have been adopted by the fashion industry and some regular dresses and tops are designed to resemble the corsets. The outfits are worn more for aesthetics and not to improve the figure of the wearer. This means that even slim people with no weight issues and who look shapely will also wear these outfits for the sake of fashion.

Corsets are also used to keep the back straight and upright for people who have back or torso problem caused by physical trauma or medical conditions such as scoliosis. The garment helps to keep the torso in a steady position and this keeps the victim from pain and also helps with the recovery process.

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