Earning an Income From Handmade Jewelry

Much of the handmade jewelry that is so popular today would be considered costume jewelry manufacturers usa. That is jewelry of lower gems and materials than designer or fine jewelry. This handcrafted jewelry often is made from beads and either chain or rope. The styles of these pieces vary greatly from hippie hemp jewelry to more refined and fancier types. Though there is a market for fine handcrafted jewelry this is really not the type that has been popular in the last 5 years or so.

With so many bead shops and the low price to purchase these parts it very easy to see what the attraction is to starting your own business making jewelry. With just a few supplies and tools one can start an entire business under 100 dollars. All that is really needed is creativity, skills and the willingness to become dedicated to the art. Depending on price point and the how much time it takes the artisan to create each piece will depend how much or how little one makes. A good artisan can make thousands of dollars a month while the average will only at the most make a few hundred dollars. Yet even this small amount of income can help significantly those who are struggling to supplement their income or just earn an income.

Once you have a made your first collection of jewelry one can earn an income several ways. The easiest way is to sell to people you know and network yourself out through your family or social group. Having jewelry parties is also an easy way to get started. It is important that you make pieces of high quality and uniqueness to assure your customers come back and recommend you

More commercial ways of selling your jewelry will be by creating a website that exhibits your products and allows customers to easily purchase your jewelry. Selling through such online markets such as Etsy, Ebay, Ebid and other online stores will allow you to reach a broader audience yet might cost you listing and final value fees.The last way to sell your handmade jewelry will be to attend craft, gift or jewelry shows to sell your items. Getting a booth at flea market or similar style bazaars is also very helpful in selling your products and getting your brand out there.


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