The holiday pieces you'll love this season
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The holiday pieces you’ll love this season

We travel as frequently, broadly, and widely as we can. Our wanderlust compels us to visit exotic locales and explore unknown territories. When it comes to travel, we buy tickets, pack our bags, and set off on an unforgettable journey. Most of us, however, disregard the reality that some travel necessities are necessary to make our journey secure and comfortable. We usually forget to pack essential items and end up looking for them while traveling. There are a few essential travel gear, regardless of whether you lead a digital nomad lifestyle or want to travel frequently or seasonally.

Knowing that there are many accessories, outfits, and swimwear manufactured specifically for tropical wear makes choosing what to wear while on vacation a pleasurable endeavor. A last-minute purchase also ensures that you have something novel and exciting to bring.

While beach vacations and tropical destinations don’t call for much in the way of apparel, the following items make up a good list of travel necessities. At least one resort-appropriate garment that you can wear to dinner and cocktails as well as to the beach with sandy hair and flip-flops is a must. A shaded hat, a beach cover-up, and of course a daily SPF are essential sun protection items. A piece of jewelry made of a seashell or a pair of woven slides will instantly put you in vacation mode and go with everything you’ve brought. You should also bring a cute but functional carryall to store all of your beach-related items in.


I firmly refuse to pay airport prices for bottled water, not to mention that it is a waste of plastic. I always pack my Hydro Flask water bottle and fill it up after passing through security because I’m sure to become dehydrated during a flight. It is thin enough to fit into most backpacks and seat-back pockets and keeps water cold for hours on end. Also, stainless steel has a superb taste and is resistant to all kinds of abuse.


Whether you’re traveling alone or with kids, packing a water bottle and some nutritious food should be your top priority. When visiting tourist locations abroad, food is always available, but it’s still a good idea to pack some snacks. If you have any dry fruits with you, you can eat them if you don’t like the meal that is supplied to you or if you’re sick of eating outside food. Make sure you don’t transport any smelly food when packing food items. Always keep nuts and dried fruit on hand.


Traveling today would be practically difficult without our phones, tablets, and laptop computers. Hence, be sure to bring all the necessary equipment and chargers.

If you want to keep yourself engaged when traveling, these gadgets help us get through long flights and airport wait times swiftly. Bring a set of noise-canceling headphones and some of your favorite movies and music to enjoy.


You must have a first aid kit if you plan to engage in adventure sports activities like hiking, trekking, or camping. It’s not unusual to sustain multiple scrapes and bruises while trekking because the paths might be very difficult. So, maintain a first aid kit on hand because you should never skimp on such a crucial hiking necessity. Always keep a first aid kit on hand; it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


I’ve brought a Hill House Nap Dress on my previous few travels so I can quickly change out of my “plain clothes” when I get there. A Nap dress is a must in your bag to feel relaxed when arriving at your destination.


When going on an island or beach vacation, it is advisable to pack lightly and bring only the necessities. Must check your First aid box to avoid any inconvenience.