Fashion Jewelry – What Exactly Is It?

The primary difference between dance costume manufacturers and fashion jewelry is the quality of the materials that go into making each piece. Costume jewelry is made from base metals that are generally of poor quality. Stones and other non-metallic ornaments are usually synthetic, and are often made from cut glass or plastics.

Fashion jewelry is often made from precious metals like silver. Although non-precious metals may also be used, they are a higher quality than those used in costume jewelry, and are often plated with real gold.

The stones used in this jewelry include agate, amazonite, amethyst, garnet, citrine, aquamarine, and hundreds of others.

Natural coral, mother of pearl, cultured pearl, and even amber, a fossilized, hardened resin that originally came from pine trees over 50 million years ago, are also frequently used in these pieces.

The overall difference in the quality between costume and fine jewelry is immediately apparent to even the most casual observer, male or female.

How To Safely Choose Fashion Jewelry

If you are buying fashion jewelry in a store, the process is pretty easy. You can pick up the piece and examine it for markings indicating the metal type and plating, and you can instantly see the quality of the stones and other decorative items. Plus you can try it on as well as ask the salesclerk about the piece if you have any questions.

But if you are buying your jewelry online, it gets a little bit harder to make your selection.


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