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How To Style Your Jeans In Summer?

If you wish to opt for a fresher and lighter feel this summer, let us not allow your jeans to discourage you to achieve that. Jeans are often subjected to a bad reputation of acting like solar panels during the summer months. Well, it does not need to be!

A little tweak here and a little tweak there in choosing which jeans to wear or buy can help you maintain the cooling effect that you crave. Let us restyle and revisit your favourite apparel, jeans.

How To Style Your Jeans In Summer?

Here are a few tricks that you can use. It must be noted that all these tricks work for both men as well as women. So, let’s dig in!

Lightening It Up

Always prefer wearing cool sublime colours during the summer. Cool colours absorb the least heat and are a whole lot practical to go about the summer. There are a lot of opportunities to play with different colours and decide what colour combination best reflects your mood for the day.

Find slick and worn-out jeans instead of raw ones. Make sure that the weather does colour compliment your jeans and choose one from the light end of the colour palette. Rock these jeans by wearing casual footwear, a linen crop top, and black shades to finish your look.

Ripped Jeans Means Extra Ventilation

For the past few years, ripped jeans have completely been both men’s and women’s favourite choices. While ripped jeans can leave one chilled during winters, they are definitely welcome news during the summers. It is definitely the new black. Well, even though ripped jeans look totally cool, they can also provide for the little ventilation or aeration that is the one thing that you are looking for.

Wide-Legged Jeans Are Definitely A Go-To Option

Skinny jeans often feel like cages and one is foreign to the horrible feeling when our sweat is trapped. Your skin might even start being itchy. Well, here is the solution. Wide-legged jeans and trousers are definitely back in fashion. Designers from all over the world are now looking back for styles that were ransacking in the 70s as well as rediscovering and restyling them.

For all women out there, embrace this summer aesthetic with striped embroidered tops and medium-sized heels or flats. People who identify themselves as men, look for a slim fit shirt and comfortable footwear.

Weigh It All Up

Avoid layering. Try to opt for jeans that use thinner threads to optimize your comfort. Gone are those days when jeans used to weigh a lot. Embrace the advancements of technology and feel lucky to lose some baggage while styling. Make sure you do not fall for myths like lighter jeans do not have the advantage of durability on their side.


There is always a solution to a fashion problem. Always try to be considerate about the comfort that your body rightfully deserves. Stressing your body inevitably means stressing your mind and we definitely do not want that for you. Follow these easy rules and ease your mind as well as your body!

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