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It’s all “good” the only maker of Lego in Singapore.

Luo Danming B is the target of maintaining its “buy” at GSS’s energy and 25 cents price.

From the Institute analysts to leave the company’s prospects for a very active visit to the GSS factory in Batam.

In Tuesday’s report, analyst Jarick Seet understands that the group is planning to move to a larger site in 2019 to deal with extra orders.

In addition, the surface is also expected to produce and sell oil’s 1h18 to benefit the rising trend of oil prices.

The formal establishment of Japan, GSS energy unit technology research Bantian’s focus and expertise in the high precision engineering (PE) function, accompanied by high quality standards.

This helps GSS energy security several blue costume manufacturer  like Philip, Panasonic with its high quality standards. It is also the only listed Singaporean manufacturer Lego for its customers.

Management says the demand for existing customers from the group is strong and orders are growing in 10-20% Market

At the same time, the group has been continuously testing and consuming a new customer, and hopes to start full production through 1h18, which may help improve the revenue of the sports department to 20% fy18.

Since the group is currently operating over 80% of the utilization, it has designated another larger web site to transfer in 2019 to deal with all additional orders.

“We understand that GSS energy has its own engineering team, focusing on some of the labor intensive processes of automation,” Seet said.

This is done by customizing some machines to better meet their needs, including designing their own software and driving the total number of employees, though increasing sales orders.

At the same time, in December 13, 2017, the group found hydrocarbons in its trembul operation area, in which costume manufacturer production was expected to be in 4q18.

“The company is entering a makeover. We expect it to start producing 100-200 barrels of oil a day 1h18 — and enjoy better profitability and profitability, if oil prices continue to increase (a trend in the past few weeks),” Seet said.

The analyst also believes that the group is at a turning point and the recent dividend policy is positive for the future.

“We believe that the present weakness is a good opportunity to accumulate at a lower level and” add “.

At 10:30 a 17 cent deal at the GSS energy stock, or 8.5 fy18 forecasts, is 1.9%.

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