Makeup Trends: How to Suit Everyday Wear?
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Makeup Trends: How to Suit Everyday Wear?

Just like clothing, the appearance of your skin is very important. In addition to basic care with daily skincare, makeup becomes an important woman’s friend.

It is possible to create a light, jovial appearance for everyday life, enhancing your femininity. But it’s totally possible to create a more attractive or artistic look for some special evening event as well.

There are many trends in makeup. You can thin, lengthen or fill in parts of your face with contouring techniques, for example. Anyway, you can check in this article how to adapt the main makeup trends for your day-to-day.

1-Transparent Eyebrows

It seems that the great makeup trends have traveled towards a very clean girl concept, simple, in fact, as natural as possible. Therefore, transparent eyebrows are on the rise.

This style is great for every day. It’s not hard to do. Just comb your eyebrow gently and apply pomade to keep the hairs firm and fluffy. It has a very elegant air.

2- Outlined is essential

The outline helps in the graphic composition of the makeup. He is one of the finishing items most used by women around the world. There are even women who prefer to invest in eyeliner rather than mascara which can give the eyelashes a heavier appearance. Either way, eyeliner can be used in many ways.

Invest in thin strokes, without too heavy markings. Here the question of basics well done is essential. Avoid smudges that can make your makeup look heavy and create a look you don’t want for your everyday life.

3- Voluminous lips, with nude color in trend

Women with full lips exude sensuality and good looks. A good lip contour is beautiful and shows special care in the composition of your makeup. Besides, a trend that was on the rise in the 90s is back with a vengeance. The idea is to make darker contours with the pencil around the lips and apply an earthy lipstick, pulled towards the nude palette.

If you want a more serious look, invest in a matte lipstick. If you want a glam and lighter and more youthful appearance, it is interesting to apply points of light in specific places on the lips. Use highlighter or concealer in dots in the center of the upper and lower lip. Blend with a brush and apply a light layer of gloss in the center to amp up your more youthful look.

4- Well applied blush

Blush is a loved or hated item. But that could be due to the way some women apply it. We don’t need a very marked face, like a doll. But we don’t want pale skin either.

Remember that subtlety is key? Well then! A flushed and natural look is what you should invest in for perfect makeup in your day-to-day. Avoid applying the blush in a circular or very concentrated format.

You can subtly spread the blush above the cheekbone. This region gives you a lifting effect on makeup, leaving your appearance up and much younger. You can also mix the blush with the side contour. Create small points of light with the highlight just above for a perfect composition.