New Doctor Who merch lets you dress like Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor

While the details of Jodie Whittaker’s upcoming series of Doctor Who have largely been kept secret until now, it finally feels as if we’re in the home stretch before we start to find out a lot more of what we can expect from the Thirteenth Doctor.

And why’s that, you may ask? Is it because the cast and crew are about to appear at a major comic-book convention? Is it because we’re only a few months away from release? Well, no – it’s because the official Doctor Who merchandise is being unveiled, and we all know that means things are REALLY kicking off in the promotional campaign.

The newly-announced merch includes a few enticing items, mainly based around action figures that range from the hyper-realistic (one of the Thirteenth Doctor by Character Options actually looks like Jodie Whittaker, and even contains a tiny sonic screwdriver if you’ve got good enough eyes to get a gander at it) to the stylised, with Funko Pop, Funko “Rock Candy”, Titan and Titan Kawaii ranges of figurines available from next week.

However, perhaps the most enticing thing on offer for fans is the chance to replicate the Thirteenth Doctor’s tricky new costume, with US company Her Universe debuting Whittaker’s rainbow striped top, long coat, and blue trousers at San Diego Comic-con next week and selling them at Hot Topic stores after that. understands that the costume will also be available for UK fans from a different source, and this will be announced in due course.

Apart from the realistic action figure, almost all these items will be on display for the very first time at next week’s San Diego Comic-con, and then the Titan figurines will be available to buy after the close of Comic-Con (Monday 23rd July) from Hot Topic & the BBC Shop in the US and from Forbidden Planet in the UK.

The Funkos will be on sale in the UK and US this September, while the realistic action figure can be pre-ordered now from Forbidden Planet or the Character Options website.

Phew – got all that? The short version of this is that there’s LOTS of Jodie Whittaker merch now, and we’re fairly sure that a lot more is still on its way before the series returns to the BBC this autumn.

Yes, friends, things are finally getting into gear for Doctor Who, and we can’t wait.

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