Sizing Your First Corset

The corset has always been a quest to achieve feminine perfection of form. As near as modern knowledge can tell, the corset originated in Crete during the times of Ancient Greece. This predates the birth of Christ by 1000 to 2000 years. Women and young girls from Ancient Greece were also bound in leather or wool corsets to slim the body. Ancient Greeks were very interested in perfection of the human form. Their many statues were an attempt to achieve this visual perfection.

In Medieval times, women also wore corsets, though they were mainly reserved for the limited upper class. At this time they were called stays, and they were designed to flatten a woman’s torso rather then accentuate her curves. The heavy religious atmosphere spoke out against physical desires, so corsets acted to lessen the male desire for a woman by lessening her physical appeal.

In the Victorian Period, some several hundred years later, corsets flourished in main stream culture as the epitome of female beauty. Anyone who was anyone was wearing a corset to look their best any day of the week. Often times even men were wearing corsets to encourage proper posture. In the recent past, we’ve seen corsets reappearing in our world from the depths of fetish obscurity.

The corset has a rich and very long history. People all over the world have been using the corset to achieve feminine perfection of form. With luck, this century old tradition will continue with your help.

Many companies are selling corsets and bustiers online, and more people are getting confused about what size they should be ordering. It gets even worse when you order your corset and it doesn’t fit – the site doesn’t accept returns on these items in most cases. Many times, going in to get sized in person isn’t an option. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work in store helping people just like you find the right fit. It’s easy to go into a specialty shop and try on corsets, but I know that isn’t always possible.


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