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Skincare Products To Save Oily Skin In Summer

Skincare must be constant, and you probably already know that, but there is a detail that few people know: the skincare routine must be adapted according to the change of season, the temperature, and our skincare can change. In summer, for example, it is common for sebum production to increase, so imagine what it is like for those with oily skin to live with even more oily skin in the sunny season.

Thanks to the high solar incidence in summer, our body sweats more, thus increasing the production of sebum, which is why acne formation during this period is so common. If you are from the oily skin group, you already know some basic care you should have, but when the hottest season of the year arrives, how to deal with it? Well, today we are going to find out which steps you should take in your routine and which products will make your skin healthier. Were you curious? Come with us:


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The first step when taking care of oily skin is to use specific products, after all, they will be responsible for controlling the production of sebum, then finding an ideal facial soap. Facial cleansing is an essential step and with the hot weather, we have greater production of sebum that results in oilier skin and can cause pores to clog, which leads to acne. Do the process between two and three times a day, no more than that, trying too hard to get rid of oiliness can have the opposite effect.

Look for soaps that contain salicylic and glycolic acids in their composition, they are super powerful assets in controlling the natural oil of this skin type.


Contrary to what many thinks, during the summer hydration becomes even more important. During this period, the skin tends to become drier, resulting in the aggravation of oiliness. Those who already have oily skin, during the season should give even more preference to light or gel textures, always free of oils. Both serums and thermal water will be great allies for your skin, as they help to hydrate and refresh.


If in other seasons sun protection is already essential, imagine then during the summer, when the incidence of UVA and UVB rays is even greater. However, oily skin cannot have contact with any sunscreen, they must be those with a fluid texture and matte effect. Always opt for oil-free ones, as many contain silica that encompasses sebum, which reduces the feeling of oily skin.

Another very valid tip is to use protectors that have color, so you will avoid an extra layer of product, thus reducing the obstruction of pores.


The previous tips are essential and will transform your oily skin in the summer, but we have one more technique that can help you control the shine: anti-oil wipes. They help to remove excess shine and can be carried in the bag, ensuring the matte effect. Just take the scarf and press it lightly on the skin, and it can even be over makeup.

If you want to find effective and quality skincare products, it is worth researching the latest technologies in line from the big brands that are on the market. Many of them are great allies of dermatological treatments, for all ages.

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