Special Effect Contact Lenses

There are many styles of these special lenses, and they are available to everyone without the need of a prescription. In fact, if a particular style of contact lens is used in a movie, and it has become popular, it is not uncommon to find it on the general market soon after the release of the movie.

You may already realize that there are enough styles of special effect contact lenses to offer you any appearance. For many people, they simply use these contacts to alter the color. If you have lighter eyes, it is much easier to make them darker, such as making them appear black or brown. Darker eyes are less flexible with the options, and colors which are darker than your natural color work best.

If you have a more eccentric style, and you really want to stand out, there are crazier options available to you as well. These include red devil eyes, spiral patterns, spooky feline eyes, smiling eyes, and more. Some manufacturers even allow for you to supply your own image and customize whatever you want to blend in to your lenses. In general, you will find most companies offer such a wide array of lenses, that you will find further customization unnecessary.

Why You Should Use Special Effect Contact Lenses

Many use these lenses strictly for cosmetic purposes. Those who wish that they were born with another eye color can easily use these lenses to change that. Others may use them for artistic purposes; that is, die-hard horror flick fans may wear them to display their fascination with horror movies by wearing red or black lenses. Other recreational and occupational uses include acting and costuming, where the colors may need to be altered due to a specific role or costume.

No matter why you wear them, it should be noted that special effect contact lenses are only designed to be worn a few times, and some of them can be used only once and then discarded – perfect for Halloween and costume parties.

Are Special Effect Lenses Ideal For You?

Many people, even those who wear glasses, are not interested in wearing contact lenses. If you already have vision problems, it would be wise to consult with your ophthalmologist to ensure they will be safe for your eyes. Because they are not to be used on the long term, they should not be a problem, and they should also not be worn for too long.

Do you already wear glasses or contact lenses? If so, you can order special effect contact lenses with your prescription included, meaning this would allow for you to keep your vision in check, while adding special effects to your eyes.

In conclusion, special effect lenses are very enjoyable and practical when looking to change the look of your eyes. Evaluate all of your options carefully, and select the ones that suit your needs best today.


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