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Popilush’s Top Shapewear Adds New Style to Your Wardrobe

Popilush’s Top Shapewear Adds New Style to Your Wardrobe

If it’s been a while since you renewed your wardrobe, you need to update this status quickly. Or maybe you even buy a new outfit one time or another, but still feel like something is missing. This is a normal feeling for many women, but 

The Ultimate Shapewear Option for Flattening The Tummy And Shaping The Waist

The Ultimate Shapewear Option for Flattening The Tummy And Shaping The Waist

Shapewear has become an essential item in every woman’s wardrobe as she strives for elegance and self-assurance. Among the many shapewear alternatives on the market, those made to fit the belly and waist are particularly popular. Shapellx, a pioneer in the shapewear sector, offers a 

Popilush National Shapewear Day Sale for Summer Fun

Popilush National Shapewear Day Sale for Summer Fun

Summer is a time that calls for lots of colors, fun and beautiful clothes. In addition, your curves deserve to be well-modeled for you to feel good wherever you go.

It doesn’t take much for that. A shaper dress can give you the perfect, natural and lively shape that the hottest season of the year calls for.

1- Lunch in a seaside town

You can take advantage of the summer to take a vacation and enjoy the best of a coastal city. How to dress if you decide to go to a seaside restaurant? The Built-In Shapewear Denim Bustier Mini Dress can give you the perfect S-shaped curve.

It imitates denim fabric, and gives you elasticity and comfort. The blue color is perfect, it matches the waters of the sea. The sculpted stretch-mesh pant slims the waist and lifts the butt for a sexy peach look. To complete the look, invest in sunglasses. You can also use a straw hat and bag.

2- Beach party night

Hot summer nights call for lively night parties by the sea. The shapewear midi dress comes in three styles that can give you plenty of options. But for this case, I suggest you choose the Slip Mini dress.

Delivers a sensual modeling, in the right measure. It has a soft modal fabric that hugs the body in a soft way. Choose festive colors like blue or pink. To protect yourself from the breeze on the beach, you can combine your shaper dress with a button-down jacket printed with tropical designs such as coconut trees, flowers and ethnic details. A rawhide braided flat sandal completes her look in style.

3- Ice cream shop with friends

A late afternoon can seem long in summer. The sun takes time to set and when it does it still leaves the feeling warm. Therefore, wearing a modeling dress to go to the ice cream parlor with friends can give you a pleasant end to the day.

Choose one of the Built-in Shapewear Modal Multi-style Dresses, they are versatile pieces and match any woman. You can choose between:

  • Wide Straps Mini Dress
  • Crew Neck Midi Dress
  • Slip Midi Dress
  • Crews Neck Maxi Dress

All match perfectly with the proposal you decide to create, just change accessories, fix your hair and makeup. Four-way ribbed fabric delivers next-to-skin comfort. Gain sculpted shapes thanks to the 3D fit on the hips.

Show off your curves with the Leg Sculpting effect brought about by the mesh fabric along the legs. You can feel free without the need to wear underwear, as this shapewear dress contains cotton in the crotch fabric superimposed.

Ease you also find in the support for the breasts. Because it is made with bust support and lifting. The bra pads are removable, giving you greater freedom of choice in how you wear your shaper dress.

4- Go to work in cool clothes

A dress with built in shapewear can give you the benefit of going where you want with well-designed, defined shapes. This includes everyday events like going to work.

Choose one Built-In Shapewear Slip Maxi Lounge Dress. Despite being a maxi dress, it has a comfortable and cool modal fabric that softens the effects of heat. In addition, this type of material absorbs moisture, leaving you completely free of sweat traps on warmer days. It’s an 8-in-1 that promotes perfect tummy control and full body shaping.

Take Your Look to the Next Level with Shapewear for Every Occasion

Take Your Look to the Next Level with Shapewear for Every Occasion

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to shapewear. These body shapers come in different styles that are designed to target different areas of the body. There are some shapewear styles that can be worn daily and there are some that 

Popilush Built-In Shapewear Dress has these Unique Features

Popilush Built-In Shapewear Dress has these Unique Features

Today we are going to talk about modeling dresses that have some unique features that must be taken into account when choosing. So, get ready because there are many beautiful dresses coming that will help you to have several looks with unique styles! Remembering that 

These 5 Comfortable Popilush Shapewear Make You More Confident!

These 5 Comfortable Popilush Shapewear Make You More Confident!

Shapewear is great for a lot of reasons. Whether it’s a seamless bodysuit or a smoothing slip, the right piece of clothing creates a great base for clothes to fit well and drape well. If your shapewear dress doesn’t fit right, you won’t be able to wear it for very long. To feel better about yourself, you should wear the most comfortable shapewear you can find.

Popilush is a brand that makes stylish and comfortable shapewear. There are a lot of different shapewear dresses, such as shapewear full bodysuit, leggings and panties with belly control.

We’ve put together a list of the best Popilush shapewear bodysuits to keep you cool, cozy, and sure of yourself for the whole season.

1. Core Control Secure Wide Crotch Panties

Do you want just a little control over your stomach? Choose panties that have built-in shaping features that make you look slimmer without covering your whole body as much as full-on shapewear. These high-waisted Popilush panties don’t roll up, giving them a smooth, barely-there look and keeping your stomach in check.

2. Soft Modal Lounge Midi Built-In Shaping Slip Dress 

A curve-hugging slip like this one from Popilush is a great choice if you want medium compression or a simple piece to wear under other clothes. It even has a set of clear straps that can be taken off, so you don’t have to give up support if you want to wear a strapless dress with a finish that can’t be seen. This is very comfortable built in shapewear dress that makes you feel good about yourself.

3. High Waist Active Stretch Faux Leather Leggings

These Popilush tummy control leggings with a high waist will make your body look better from the waist to the ankles. They help lift the bottom and hug the waist gently. It’s one of the most popular pieces of shapewear from Popilush, and it gives you more confidence while making you feel very comfortable. It is only available in black and comes in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XLLL. Enjoy a beautiful body and the best of what you want.

4. Plunge U-Neck Backless Thong Bodysuit

With a backless bodysuit, your closet will look stylish and full of different things. The tight fit of these bodysuits trains your body to look better as you wear them. These bodysuits only cover your upper body, and they can be changed to fit your shape. Some backless bodysuits have extra strips that go up and around the shoulder area to make the fit more secure. These backless bodysuits are comfortable and can be worn in many different places. It comes in a lot of different colors and sizes, from XS to XLLL.

5. Weightless Wonder Low-Back Bra

The wireless, seamless Popilush bra supports and accentuates your body’s natural shape. It is the best wireless bra because it supports your breasts and gets rid of lines at the same time. It’s easy to clean and lessens shoulder strain because the cups can be taken off.

It doesn’t irritate because it is made of a material that is light and lets air through. You can wear it with no worries when you do your usual things. These bras are available in many different colors and sizes, from XS/S to 5XL.

Wholesale Shapewear Suppliers for Retailers-Waistdear

Wholesale Shapewear Suppliers for Retailers-Waistdear

Shapewear is the right thing if you want to work on your body if you want to look good and satisfied. The best corsets are made of the best quality ingredients, they are thin enough not to show under clothing. You can wear them under 

Don’t Forget to Buy Popilush this 5 Shapewear in Advance for Christmas

Don’t Forget to Buy Popilush this 5 Shapewear in Advance for Christmas

Making plans for Christmas? Many of us start getting ready for Christmas and going shopping at the beginning of December. If you want to wear a tight dress but are worried about how big you are, you should just smile. We’re here to help you 

A Waist Trainer That People Who Like Fitness Can’t Miss

A Waist Trainer That People Who Like Fitness Can’t Miss

Waist trainers have been in woman’s life for ages literally. Back in the day, women used corsets to wear under their dresses and have significantly smaller waists. Those tend to be very uncomfortable, and I’m pretty sure also very damaging to women’s bodies. Nowadays, thanks to advances in technology this is not the case anymore, and not only waist trainers but also shapewear bodysuits will be very helpful.

Definitively, if you want to get an hourglass figure, you know a waist trainer can eventually become your best tool to achieve it. If you didn’t know this already, wearing one during your workouts can be very effective and give you benefits too.

They will help you to strengthen your ab and also core muscles, giving you posture correct and compression while basically enhancing your workouts. But to actually wear them for your workouts you have to actually follow some rules or recommendations.

Not for workouts that involve high intensity

They’re really not recommended to be worn if what you’re going to do is a HIIT workout or are planning to perspire a lot while running on the treadmill, it’s better that you don’t wear them for that if that was your initial idea. They, on the other hand, are good for when you’re wanting to lift weights. They will help you maintain a straight posture, but also long and strong. But also remember that if it is too tight, especially when you’re doing cardio, you won’t be able to breathe, so it really shouldn’t be used for that.

Compression is always key

When you wear a compression garment, it will help you increase the circulation through your body, meaning nutrients and oxygen get delivered where they are really needed. A double belt waist trainer with extra firm compression will be your best choice. Also, when you get better circulation, then you’ll recover better and faster.

Size can be an experiment

When you’re choosing your waist trainer, it is important that you choose one that offers you lots of options to customize the sizing, like loops and hooks closures, that will eventually allow you to have multiple sizes. When you are adjusting your waist trainer, adjust it to where you feel supported and also comfortable while you are doing your activities but also to when your body starts changing. This is also equally as important if you’re getting a plus size waist trainer.


When you’re wearing your waist trainers, as they’re close to your skin, you will perspire a lot more. While this might be a good thing if you’re trying to lose some weight, it can cause acne and make your trainer actually smell bad. To avoid this some people actually wear some workout tanks underneath their trainers so you avoid some breakouts or irritation and have a barrier between it and your skin.

Give it care, always

It is important that you always properly wash your wais trainer, as you would do with any other workout apparel you might have. This way you’re not harboring any bacteria and bad odors. If you wash it carefully, that will help your waist trainer to keep it’s shape. Use a soft detergent, wash with cold water and let it air dry. 

There’s a limit

A good amount of time to use your waist trainer per day is only eight hours. It is good if you use it at the gym for around two hours. Make sure you are giving your body a breath of your waist trainer before hitting the gym.

Best Classical Shapewear You Shouldn’t to Miss

Best Classical Shapewear You Shouldn’t to Miss

The Shapewear known for helping pregnant women in the postpartum period has gained new fans in recent years, which have influenced hundreds of women in search of a slim waist – without much effort. It was in this context that the modeling belt appeared revamped,