The Golden Age of Fashion Jewelry

As we hear in the famous song, “Don’t it always seem t’ go, ya’ don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.” These words have significant meaning in opportunities for fashion jewelry sales in today’s economy. This moment, today! What might seem to be negative signs, possible warnings that might dissuade a person from getting started in any venture, are, in fact, the very reasons you should consider getting started selling costume or fashion jewelry. Here’s why!

The price of gold hit $1900 dollars an ounce in August, 2011. It has dropped dramatically to around $1711 this December. Yet the prices of the precious metals should increase when the demand for jewelry increases.. (The same scenario applies to the price of silver.) So, not only are fine jewelry products unaffordable, but the consumer is not willing to risk an investment. Gone are the days of gold at $250 an ounce! We certainly have problems in the economy: the costs of fuels, the general cost of living is slowly, very slowing increasing. There is a strong sense of uncertainty. While these factors might seem to add up to a very grim picture, the outlook for selling fashion jewelry is very good!

It’s a certainty that sales of jewelry automatically do well in good economic times. Paradoxically, sales of fashion jewelry do even better in questionable or uncertain, and changing economic times. Your start or expansion of your fashion jewelry business will address the consumer’s needs. Vendors in the business for years are doing just this! Never before have we seen so many customers expand their fashion jewelry businesses by expanding their product line and opening new locations.

Why? Simply because the consumer still wants to feel good. But they will not take the chance to buy an expensive piece of gold or even silver jewelry in times of uncertainty. Certainly, not for the children, let alone themselves. What’s more, those vendors selling the precious metals, gold and silver, are working at reduced margins. Yet, that healthy and fundamental wish to look and feel good drives people to continue to buy jewelry for themselves. So they are now looking for great looking product at a low price. And you can choose a product that is exceptional in appearance and durability, the best quality. If you, the vendor, sell real quality, you can charge for the quality you sell.

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