Jason Momoa & James Wan Tease Classic Aquaman Costume in the DCEU

Both Jason Momoa and James Wan – respectively the star and the director of the upcoming Aquaman movie – have teased that the classic Aquaman costume from the comics will be making an appearance in the movie. The first trailer for the highly anticipated film, the next movie in the DC Extended Universe, is expected to premiere later this week at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.

While not quite as large a source of mockery as his power to talk to fish, many casual comic readers have poked fun at Aquaman’s orange shirt. Even filmmaker Kevin Smith, during his stint writing the Green Arrow comic, included a scene where Oliver Queen told a skeptical sea king that he truly missed his classic orange-shirt look. At the time Aquaman was going into action shirtless, save for a baldric for holding his trident, sporting a look not dissimilar from the one affected by Jason Momoa in Justice League. Modern artists have mitigated this somewhat, by revealing the shirt to be made of some sort of scale-mail, though the bright coloration remains.

In an interview with JoBlo, Momoa claimed to have not donned the classic costume yet but he said he was looking forward to doing so, indicating that he will be wearing the classic armor at some point. Momoa also made reference to a piece of concept art, which is said to look “pitch perfect Aquaman” with a “scaled orange top, green pants (and) golden trident.”

ames Wan went further in discussing the costume, in a separate interview with JoBlo. While refusing to confirm directly that the classic costume will make an appearance in the final film, Wan went into discussing the craft of costuming and how even when a director has some idea of precisely what they want visually, they are still likely to go through several designs and costumes with the design team before finding the one that works beyond looking like something straight from the comics’ pages.

Momoa and Wan may be playing coy on the subject, but all evidence indicates that we will indeed see the classic orange-shirt costume by the end of Aquaman. Ignoring the apparent confirmation of a dead-on accurate piece of concept art depicting Momoa in the costume, an earlier report on the action figures based on the movie, indicated that the Aquaman figure was indeed wearing an orange shirt with green pants. That’s a bit of news bound to please the most die-hard of comic book fans, as the wait for the first Aquaman trailer continues.

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