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The Practical and Cute Trench Coat worth Trying

Rainy days are often not welcome, especially for fashionistas! Imagine stepping out after a careful makeup and hair routine only to have a huge downpour spoil everything. So, a raincoat always serves as a mandatory accessory when you are going out. The following list outlines five practical and cute raincoat designs that are worth trying.

  1. Burberry Kensington Trench Coat

Although cute will be an understatement for this designer raincoat, you can find a lot of practicality. Made of strong and tightly woven cotton-gabardine, renowned designer brand Burberry has struck gold with this trench coat. The storm flap, military-inspired epaulettes, and buffalo horn button detail spell out loads of classic style. At the same time, you cannot afford to miss out on the signature checked lining of Burberry that subtly complements the fit-and-flare design of this coat.

  • Abollria Outdoor Rain Jacket

The casual, parka-style design of Abollria Outdoor Rain Jacket makes it the perfect choice of raincoats for all seasons. It is an ideal choice for rain and wind protection in all seasons at a reasonable cost. Talk about value; you can use this cute and practical coat for all seasons along with a supporting outfit.

For example, a simple white tee during summer and spring could fit perfectly with this raincoat. The button-down pockets add up to its functionality in offering a safe place to store your watch and purse. Furthermore, the adjustable waist also makes it suitable for showcasing your feminine side.

  • Hount Raincoat

The Hount Raincoat is built perfectly for enduring the unfavorable combination of warm weather and rain. The excessively cute and delicate pastel color scheme does not fit in the functionality of an extra-durable rain jacket that is this product. Most importantly, this raincoat also does an exceptional job of keeping you cool while wearing it in the rain. The fabric is breathable and dries off easily, thereby providing better flexibility in fluctuating weather. Since it is lightweight, you can also pack it up easily with other essentials during a vacation trip.

  • SaphieRose Long Hooded Raincoat

The SaphieRose Long Hooded Raincoat is probably the most practical raincoat design of all. Made of 100% polyester with lightweight and breathable properties, this raincoat also dries up quickly. The zip-and-button front design also provides reliable protection against rain. Also, you get large pockets that can be quite helpful in storing your daily essentials. The raincoat is easy to pack and serves perfectly as a travel raincoat.

  • Bottega Veneta Belted Bonded Coat

This raincoat design allows you to flaunt your style with a tinge of class without having to compromise on practicality. Made of durable bonded cotton with Italy’s spirit, this raincoat serves as an ideal outfit rather than just a raincoat. The statement lapels and waist pleats in this raincoat put out a formidable fashion statement.

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