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The Ultimate Guide to Buying The Best Shampoo

Hair is a part of your appearance that you should not ignore. With healthy hair and the right hairstyle, even natural makeup and simple outfits will keep your appearance on point. To keep your hair healthy and easy to style, you need to keep it clean and take care of it properly. One of the hair care series that becomes the main point is washing it with shampoo.

The shampoo is a staple hair care product that everyone should have to take care of their hair. Not only cleaning hair from dirt, but shampoo can also help make your hair smoother, reduce hair loss, remove dandruff and even thicken your hair. Hence, choosing a shampoo, of course, should not be done carelessly so as not to interfere with the health of your hair.

Each type and condition of hair such as thick, thin, dry, oily, and others require different products. That’s why you meet many types of shampoos on offer. Each product is made to address certain problems that you can choose according to the condition of your hair so that the product itself can work effectively. So, how do you pick the right shampoo for your hair? Here are complete guides that you should know so that you pay for the right shampoo, check it now!

Get To Know Your Hair Texture

You really need to consider the type of shampoo you choose with your current hair texture. For naturally straight hair texture, try not to choose a shampoo with a formulation that is too heavy and contains a lot of moisturizers. Indeed, the moisturizer contained in shampoo is good for maintaining the water content in the hair strands. However, because the elasticity of hair with a naturally straight texture is quite good, you just need to balance it with a shampoo with a lighter formulation.

On the other hand, for wavy and curly hair that tends to be dry and prone to humidity, choose a shampoo with natural moisturizing ingredients. Examples include vitamin E, coconut oil, avocado, and honey. The addition of moisturizing nutrients to the shampoo will help hair with wavy and curly textures to be better able to withstand damp weather, sweat, and rain.

Get To Know Your Scalp Type

Hair care does not only focus on the strands of hair but also includes the scalp. You know, the two are inseparable. Like our facial skin, the scalp also has its own type. Usually, it is divided into three: oily, normal, and dry. Of course, each requires different treatment. So, know your scalp type well.

Try rubbing your scalp with your knuckle. If there are white flakes, it means that your scalp is very dry. The solution, treat it with a shampoo containing seaweed, aloe vera, avocado, and lemongrass. On the other hand, if your scalp feels slippery and oily, purchase shampoo for the oily scalp that contains lemon.

Focus on Hair Problems and Conditions

Everyone has different hair problems from each other. Focus on the problem your hair is having when purchasing shampoo. Dry hair tends to require more moisturizing care products. Usually, shampoos for dry and split ends contain keratin, olive oil, argan oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and others. If your hair is falling out and breaking, try a shampoo that contains ginseng extract and vitamin E. On the other hand, if your hair is oily and easy to limp, choose a shampoo that maintains the balance of oil in your hair, nourishes it, and gives your hair more volume.

You also need to pay attention to the condition of your hair. Shampoo for natural hair with colored hair is certainly different. If you have dyed hair, choose a shampoo specifically formulated to maintain your hair color and keep it shiny. Hair that undergoes chemical processes such as permanent blow and straightening should be treated with a shampoo that carries the features of smoothing and nourishing the hair well.

Pay Attention To The Detergent Levels

In general, detergent (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is a raw material for the manufacture of personal care products in order to produce more foam. Indeed, to wash your hair, it is certainly very tempting to choose the type of shampoo that produces abundant foam, but it is better if you reduce your choice of products with high detergent levels. Instead of being healthy, too much detergent can make your scalp and hair very dry. Also make sure to purchase a shampoo that does not contain harmful chemicals, so as not to irritate your scalp.

So, those are some guidelines to purchase shampoos for your hair. If you have found the right product, don’t forget to regularly use it so that your hair is always clean, healthy, and looks fabulous.

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