Twilight and Vampire Contact Lenses – All the Rage This Halloween

The Twilight series had a substantial effect on the sale of all types of vampire contact lenses, but the ones that look most like the “good vampires” and the “bad vampires” in the films have quickly become the hottest variety on the market. Fans yearn to emulate their favorites among the cast of blood-sucking characters.

Apparently, there is such a thing as a good vampire, at least according to the Twilight creators. These benevolent leaches are the protagonists, the Cullens, the good vampires in the books/films that do not prey on innocent, unsuspecting humans, but instead find innovative ways to fulfill their need for blood, often resorting to drinking animal blood instead of the human variety. Bella Swan, the main character and heroine of the series, becomes romantically involved with Edward Cullen, and eventually becomes a vampire himself.

The vampire contact lenses worn by the Cullens in the movie are of an amber or light brown color, sometimes referred to as golden or honey. Twilight fans, hoping to arrive to the Halloween party looking like their beloved Cullen character from the book/film, can complete their costume by choosing the golden or honey special effects lenses in order to accessorize with a distinctly realistic touch. These warm colored lenses would be perfect for an Edward, Alice, Rosalie, or Emmett costume.

In the classic tradition of good versus evil with a slightly twisted spin, the Twilight series manages to pit one set of vampires against another. In this case, the good vampires-that is, the members of the Cullen family-are in a battle against the bad vampires, the Volturi, which happen to be an elite group with vampire history and tradition on their side. Protecting the long-standing rule that vampires are to be kept apart from humans, living in complete and absolute secrecy, the Volturi go after the Cullens and Bella, who has practically become part of the family.

As the antagonists of the book/film series, the Volturi are cast and attired as such, beastly with vampire eyes that are distinctly different from those of the Cullens. The actors who play members of the Volturi group wear specialized contact lenses that give their eyes a demonic red hue, with an outer circle around the pupil to make it appear larger than it is. Twilight enthusiasts, wishing to replicate this look for Halloween, can do so by shopping the many online stores selling vampire contact lenses. Some of them are specifically dubbed as “Twilight Volturi Vampire Contact Lenses.” A Google search containing these keywords will no doubt yield a variety of options for shoppers wanting to become a Volturi for one night.


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