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Ultimate Tips on Cleaning Your Makeup Tools

To make sure that your makeup looks as fresh as new every day, you need to clean your makeup tools on a regular basis. But if you’re too tired to clean them properly, we understand! Which is why in this post we’ve rounded up the most helpful tutorials out there explaining how to wash your brushes and sponges — it’s easier than you think!  

Step 1: Rinse the bristles

Use the water streaming down to rinse the bristles of your makeup brush. To avoid the weakening of the glue at the base of the brush, ensure that the running water isn’t going directly into the base of the brush.

Cleanse carefully

Use some gentle soap or smooth shampoo to cleanse the bristle by making lather and rinsing with water completely. We suggest you use coconut oil to cleanse the bristle if it has some stubborn dirt. Coconut oil is very effective in loosening buildup.

Disinfect with care

Disinfection is the next thing once you’ve successfully cleaned your brushes. In a shallow bowl, mix a solution of one part vinegar and two parts water. For 120 seconds, try to swoosh the brush around in the bowl without complete immersion. You can now use fresh water to rinse.

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Dry it up

To dry up excess water from the bristles, press it against a dry towel. This can easily be done by reshaping the bristles into their original form and placing them on a dry towel for some hours.

Repeat the process every other week

To ensure that germs and infections are far from your skin and makeup tools, you need to clean your brushes every other week.

Tips for cleaning your metal beauty tools

Wash carefully

In order to keep some of your most-used tools for grooming and/or beauty in top condition, it’s important to clean them on a regular basis. Metal tools like tweezers, eyelash curlers, eyebrow trimmers, cuticle nippers, and nail clippers should be washed under warm soapy water to ensure bacteria is removed from them. They should be rinsed thoroughly with clean warm water and then patted dry.

Sanitize thoroughly

First of all, make sure you thoroughly wipe down the tool with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball. Allow it to dry for a few moments. If you see any traces of dirt or water residue on the tool, rinse it off with water. Rinse any tool that you’ve used on your face with water. Then, pat dry with a clean, dry towel.

Repeat the process after every use

You should wash your beauty tools with soap and water after each use or not go to bed without sanitizing them if you are using them on people with conditions such as colds or the flu. Store them in a closed container for hygienic reasons.

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