Vampire Contact Lenses – The Perfect Costume Accessory

Halloween costumes and accessories sell very fast near the end of September and early October of each year, so if you are going to dress up as that dark, tall and handsome blood sucker, you will need to get to a shop or online early, to grab a costume and your favorite vampire contact lenses. There is just no way you can fool anyone without them as they are so realistic appearing. That is, unless you already have menacing, bloodshot eyes naturally, which most people do not.

When you shop for your vampire contact lenses, keep in mind there are cheaply manufactured lenses and ones made of high quality materials. Some to avoid, are those which may be painted, as these will harm the eyes if they rub up against them. How these lenses work to fool others, yet still allow you to see clearly, is by keeping the center where you look out of void of any coloring. When observed by others, they will not be able to see this clear part, and will be impressed at how real your eyes look. Most of these will come with instructions and stress that hands must be clean before use to protect the eyes from bacteria.

With regard to vampire contact lenses, the color red hot, seems to be a favorite as it looks the most like an actual vampire’s eyes would. Keep it fun, but remember, it isn’t just the eyes which make the vampire, but also the cape, costume and makeup. Study pictures of vampires on the Internet and try to copy the way the black and red markings are drawn on the face. Don’t forget to get either a close fitting black wig, or spray your hair black, and slick it back with gel. Then draw a black widow’s peak right at the top of your forehead in the middle. Once you add your contact lenses, you will be ready for any party or haunted house.


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