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What happened to the women in the costumes in “a series of unfortunate events”? She is in extreme danger

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With the progress of the second quarter of a series of unfortunate events, the audience and Baudelaire began to find out more about V.F.D. The second-to-last episode of the season even flashed back to a past party secretly organized, allowing the audience to glimpse all the members in their heyday. An important member is a mysterious figure in a costume. He seems to be in imminent danger. But what happened to women in ASOUE’s costumes?

Each clue seems to indicate that the man in the costume is Beatrice, who is the mother of three Portelle children. However, the identity of women in clothing is still ambiguous because their faces have never been shown, which may open the door for others. This show is not on top of red snapper or red snapper, so even if all signs point to Beatrice, there should be some error in trying to identify unknown numbers.

In spite of this, the “Carnivorous Fiesta: Part 1” convinced the audience that the woman in the costume manufacturer was Beatriz Baudelaire, so this seems to be the most logical explanation.

At the beginning of the episode, although V.F.D. was enjoying their party, Lemony Snicket received a secret letter in his drink, read only “Olav knows”. He immediately fell into a panic and dropped his rhizome beer, floating on the balcony, where he was preparing to see a black figure near the woman in a beggar costume. He shouted to Beatrice, but before more things happened, the scene was cut off.

But perhaps the most convincing moment was the later episode in Lehman’s narrative. He mentioned that “a woman wearing a pimple clothing would trigger a series of misfortunes by stealing sugar bowls.” At this time of the season, the audience heard a lot of strange sugar about what Esmé Squalor wanted to put on her hand. bowl. She mentioned several times that she had been stolen from her costume manufacturer by Beatrice, although in the previous episode, Lemmon claimed that he was the one who stole the sugar bowl from Esme.

Of course, Lemony and Beatrice could have jointly committed all crimes committed. But the most important detail here is that the audience knew that Beatrice was involved in the theft, so she must also be a woman in the costume.

However, this does cause more problems. No matter how Earl Olav knows, obviously putting this man in the dangerous position of his clothes, based on Lemmon’s reaction, but if this is definitely Beatrice, then she did not have anything happening at the party because She continued to live for many years and had three children. What does Olaf know? Maybe he found Beatrice and Lamonie dive into the sugar bowl, although he never seemed to care about it as Esme did.

But what Olaf knows can be very dark. The book shows that Olaf’s parents were killed and some fans speculated that Baudelaire’s parents were involved in the assassination. If this is the case, then Olaf may have discovered the truth and has been motivating all his actions since then. This is the reason for revenge.

It seems that the identity of the woman in the costume is only a small part of the mystery. Although Baudelaire’s children learn more about their parents’ lives every time, there are still many unknowns.

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