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What To Look For In A Bodysuit

Meta Description: It’s no longer a secret that bodysuits are a gear, an accessory if you will, that women of different ages and body types wear for that smooth wear of a form-fitting outfit. The question is: “What to look for in a bodysuit?” Below are features to spot when out shopping for this amazing body shaper.

1. Check On Its Size

This sounds like a no-brainer, and maybe it is. It’s not an old-timey corset where women achieved that curved breathing by having their organs shift and their breathing made difficult! Measure yourself with a tape measure. Yup, manually. And choose the right size that fits you. Not your “ideal” body type’s size.

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2. The Body Type Highlight

Next, figure out which part of your body you want to emphasize the most. Women tend to have an inclination towards wanting that waist that curved inward, for an 8-look. In that case, lean towards bodysuits that have this property.

3. A Firm Hold

Some bodysuits have additional properties such as having a clasp around the midsection to hold up that said body part. If you won’t be wearing something body-hugging, then go for this. A clunky or loose top will be able to hide the bulk of a waist trainer.

4. Length, Of Course

Another “duh” moment, you might think. And yes. But we’ll still remind you to take note of the length of the body shaper you’re looking for. Some are cycling shorts type that goes around the waist all the way to the thighs. However, if you want the lower half of your body to stay breezy, then opt for one that goes only around the crotch area.

5. Color It Fabulous

True, bodysuits are worn underneath clothing. Thus, they won’t be seen on the outside. However, their color may affect the look of your apparel. For instance, lighter shades tend to have a silhouette of it in light-colored clothing. In this case, go for darker or nude tones. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a dark-colored top, then light-hued shapewear will be alright.

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